Are You a Major Packrat?

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You need a major closet cleanout! Or do you?

  • 1
    When was the last time you cleaned out your closet?
    Oh, a while ago when my mom FORCED me to.
    This summer to sort out what I want and what I don't want in time for school/work.
    Uh... cleaning out my closet? Who does that?
    Last year when I HAD to find that one shirt I lost.
  • 2
    In your desk you have:
    Just the stuff I need: pens, paper, scissors, and stuff like that.
    Oh, stuff, lots of pencils and maybe some birthday cards from my Aunt Francis.
    Pens, paper, maybe an occasional cheesy valentine from preschool or something like that...
    All my tests and quizzes from kindergarten through high school, my old first-grade drawings, magnets from the fridge when I was little, etc.
  • 3
    Some guy/girl gives you some incredibly corny love note. You:
    Take it home and add it to your collection.
    Put it in your pocket but quickly forget about it.
    Throw it away in the nearest garbage can.
    Throw it on your desk when you get home.
  • 4
    Do you still have your stuff from when you were in grade school?
    A lot of stuff, but you never look at it.
    Some things your mom thought was cute.
    Of course! I keep it in a treasure box under my bed.
    Shut up.
  • 5
    What is it like under your bed?
    Uh... clean?
    Oh jeez, it would take up to millions of pages to type how much stuff is under there.
    There is a load of crap.
    I just have some things like candy wrappers and magazines under there.
  • 6
    The cheesy McDonald's toy from your happy meal is:
    On your dresser, with all the others in the collection.
    Stuffed in your desk drawer.
    In the trash.
    You haven't bought a Happy meal since you were like, five.
  • 7
    Your teacher/boss tells you that you need to start cleaning out your computer files. You:
    What? No one would ever ask you to clean out files!
    Sure, delete some crap you don't need.
    Only delete the things you haven't read in years.
    would NEVER! Hey, the files may take up 3 gigabytes, but maybe you'll feel like reading them sometime...
  • 8
    What was your first birthday present?
    I don't know, some doll or something?
    A Winnie the Pooh bear.
    How am I supposed to know.
    A special Winnie the Pooh bear - you still sleep with it every night.
  • 9
    How many drawers are in your dresser?
    OK, why is the point of this dumb question?
    You mean dressers? Not enough!
    Like five or six?
    Enough for your summer clothes.
  • 10
    Do your friends/mom/spouse bug you about your pack rat?
    Sometimes, you know, maybe a few times a month.
    Absolutely not! Never! Never in a billion years!
    not often.
    Are you kidding? They drive me CRAZY!

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