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If you think you know as much as I do about Charmed then take your chance.

  • 1
    What happened in the episode in season 1 called "Dream Sorcerer"?
    Prue, Piper and Phoebe died in their dreams
    Prue couldn't fall asleep
    Prue was chased by a strange man in her dreams
    Piper slept all day long
    Phoebe slept with a demon
  • 2
    Who is the troubled girl in season one's episode "The Fourth Sister"
    Paige, the half sister of the Halliwells
    A teenage girl who has magical powers
    It's revealed that Leo is a girl and their sister
    Four demons take over their identity (their powers split into four)
    Prue's astral-projection doesn't leave and stays as Prue's twin
  • 3
    How does Phoebe save Piper and Prue in the end of the episode in season 2 called "The Painted World"?
    She breaks the painting and they come out
    She sells the painting and lives happily ever after in the manor without her sisters
    She kills the demon and his lover to use a spell to get them out
    She can't save them. They stay inside the painting forever
    She picks the pocket of demon to steal the spell so that they can get out
  • 4
    What doesn't Piper know about Leo in season two's episode "Ex Libirs"?
    That he's a demon and not a Whitelighter
    That he really loves Phoebe and not Piper
    That he's gay
    That he was a woman before
    That he was married once before
  • 5
    What does possessed Piper do in P3 in season 3 "Coyote Piper"?
    Burns down P3
    Making out with several guys she doesn't know
    Dancing on the bar
    Killing innocents
    Gets pregnant from a stranger
  • 6
    What does Prue change into in the episode "Look Who's Barking"?
    In a white dog
    What's your issue? She doesn't change at all!
    In a black dog
    In a banshee
    In a man
  • 7
    What steals Prue for Melinda?
    A crown
    An old spell book from the museum
    A porn. Everybody needs entertainment.
    A feather of an owl from the museum
    Piper's boyfriend
  • 8
    In "Sense and Sense Ability" Phoebe says to Piper:" Paige is proposing to use violence against the monkey."
    What did the note say that Paige actually wrote?
    Turn Leo into a monkey and let them fight
    Let's go get Asian food (they eat apes)
    Proposing to the monkey
    Let's orb his monkey-ass somewhere warm, like a volcano
    Killing the monkey
  • 9
    What answers Piper when Phoebe asks:" What did you put in the food?". Season 8 "Mr. and Mrs. Witch"
    "Nothing. I ordered it from the restaurant around the corner."
    "I don't know. I threw everything in I could find."
    "Did you really think her parents are *that* boring?"
    "Meat, spices, .... What else should I've put in?"
    "Food was in the food, thank you!"
  • 10
    When Phoebe and Piper break into the museum in season 7, Piper pushes Phoebe closer to the thing they want to steal. What does Piper say after that?
    "You were always better in PE than me."
    "What! I can't! I'm wearing the wrong shoes for this."
    "Go levitate and get it."
    "Go ahead! I am right behind you." (Stays where she is)
    "What! I got us so far now it's your turn!"

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