How Gay Are You?

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Take this test to see how much gayness pumps through your blood. Are you a flamer? Or just a pure straight person? We shall see!

  • 1
    When you first meet someone, what do you first notice?
    Their fashion sense.
    Their "great personality."
    Their eyes.
    Their physical appearance.
  • 2
    You answer the phone by saying:
    "I said 'Hello'".
    "So, like, oh my gosh, how are you?"
    "What up?"
    "Hey, hey!":)
  • 3
    When you have free time you:
    Play Guitar.
  • 4
    The last time you were at a party, you:
    Sat in the corner like a little emo bitch and cried about how "hard your life is." (suck it up)
    Played "truth or dare."
    Hit on every single person there. (of the opposite gender, of course)
    Made a fool of yourself.
  • 5
    Members of the opposite sex generally think of you as:
    Being hot, but a total douche.
    The greatest thing since sliced bread.
    A whore, giving it and taking it when ever "it" is around you.
  • 6
    Your drink of choice?
    Red Bull
    Evian, because it's delicious and good for your figure.
    Mountain Dew
  • 7
    If you had one day left to live, you would:
    Do charity work.
    Have your way with whoever you wanted.
    Thank everyone in your life who has helped you.
    Do something crazy, probably illegal.
  • 8
    When alone, you:
    Touch yourself... And cry.
    Play video games.
    Talk to your imaginary friend.
    Call someone hot, make them sweat!
  • 9
    For "protection" you would use:
    A gun.
    Kind words.
    A condom.
    Your mother, because she's the only one who will stick up for you.
  • 10
    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
    A lot.
    11 inches of man wood.... I'll chuck it too!
    Around 5 pounds.
    What the hell's a wood chuck, like a gay beaver or something?
  • 11
    If you were asked to watch a baby for a day, you would:
    Loose the kid. I mean, come on, it needs to grow up not being a pussy, so it can tough it out on the streets alone.
    Teach it to talk like a pirate.
    Change its diaper... More than needed... Are you looking at baby genitals?
    Take it baby clothes shopping.
  • 12
    Which are cooler?
  • 13
    Just between you and me, your favorite movie below is:
    Shaving Ryan's Privates
    The Matrix
    The Notebook
    Zoo Lander
  • 14
    Which quote below best pertains to you?
    "I like it anywhere you'll stick it."
    "I WILL PWN JUU NOOB!11!1!"
    "Deliveries in the rear."
    "What up, bitch!"
  • 15
    You can beat Guitar Hero on:
  • 16
    You listen to:
  • 17
    When asked about your wardrobe, you say:
    "Whatever, it was clean."
    "I look fabulous."
    "I didn't care whether it was clean or not, at least I'm not naked... Yet."
  • 18
    When I say "queer," you say?
    "Oh! Me too... I mean..."
    "Looks like "queen," which is a kick ass band."
    "Where? We're going to have us a fag-drag."
  • 19
    The best way to get someone to like you:
    Styling their hair.
    Complimenting them.
    Stalking them.
  • 20
    Pick a number below. Don't pick the wrong one.
    It be Q!
  • 21
    The first thing you do in the morning is:
    Your hair.
    Call a loved one.
    Match your socks with your purse.
    Go back to bed...
  • 22
    Your come-back is usually:
    "Your mom!"
    "Yeah... Wait, were you saying something?"
    "You savage! Meany!"
    "That's what SHE said!"
  • 23
    Your internet connection is:
    You steal it from a neighbour.
  • 24
    When you close your eyes, you see:
    Hot chicks, dude!
    The inside of your eyelids.
    Men in tights.
  • 25
    This is the last question. If you could do whatever you wanted, right now, you would:
    Chat with friends.
    Number 4.
    Have sex.
    None of the above.