Is your original character a Mary Sue?

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A shortened Mary Sue Litmus Test

  • 1
    Is your character named after you?
  • 2
    Does your character have uncanny abilities that are abnormal to your fandom?
  • 3
    Does one or more of the canon characters fall madly in love with your OC, despite having a regular canon pairing?
  • 4
    Does your character have no flaws at all? (A flaw being something bad about their personality, be it too selfish, naive, etc. Not something utterly unimportant like "She can't play the harmonica," or "She's so beautiful, it's a fault. Those who do say that will be temporarily keelhauled.
  • 5
    Is she/he extremely attractive without having to work at it?
  • 6
    Do they have a pet that is not a cat, dog, or other common household pet? (Household pets with magical powers count, too.)
  • 7
    Does your character often 'save the day' or beats the bad guys, way more than the canon characters do?
  • 8
    Does your character have special eyes or hair whose colors cannot be found in the natural universe?
  • 9
    Does your character more good qualities than the canon characters combined? (i.e. smarter than the smartest AND braver than the bravest AND better fighter than the best fighter...)
  • 10
    Does your OC never do anything that would make them look bad, or does things in that category that are endearing? (i.e. tripping and letting her true love catch her, stuff like that)
  • 11
    Is your OC umber powerful or the best at anything he or she does, be it fighting, magic, etc.
  • 12
    Does your OC pick up skills unusually fast or succeeds at almost everything she does?
  • 13
    Tragic Past? Bad family? Unknown connection to royalty? Ran away? Parents died an unconventional death? Anything unusual about their past?
  • 14
    Is well versed in the Japanese culture, uses Japanese words in conversation, has a Japanese weapon, dresses in Japanese clothing, etc. without being Japanese?
  • 15
    Are any of the canon characters jealous of your OC's abilities, see her as a threat to their own romantic relationships because of their beauty/skills?
  • 16
    Do they fly? Without wings or apparent means?
  • 17
    In your story, is she the kick-butt master until her romantic interest comes along, in which case she becomes helpless and kidnapped, captured, etc?
  • 18
    Does she have a great singing voice, and/or plays an instrument especially well? (Piano, Harp, Violin, Guitar, Flute are popular ones for Mary Sues)
  • 19
    Does your character share any of your interests/hobbies/has a job you would like/music taste/interest in a canon character that you like also?
  • 20
    Did you ever, ever answer dishonestly on this quiz or convince yourself that your OC is not one of these, even though she most likely is?

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Hero Cat (35967)
23 days ago
I did Nanase from under night
Noctivigant (72890)
31 days ago
Yay I got a good score!
My OC's name is Marial, and she's an oc I made in Miitopia. Yes, Miitopia. So anyways, she's a thief. Not a professional, but she's pretty good at it. She's kinda timid but stubborn, and will pretty much steal your stuff if she likes.
OkamiPainter (74302)
49 days ago
This is my OC
Name:Hisui(jade in japanese)
Role:ice god
Eye color:Blue purole
Hair color:Blondish brownish
Personality:She is a wolf spirit, she is very kind and loves to make friends, she has a bad past....her whole family was killed by a serpent and her sister was possessed sadly. She was killed along wit her gardian wolf (aka a wolf that protects her)years after, her sister was still possessed but revived her. Yomi(aka her sister)still had some good left in her but she was still possessed. Ok this is going to take too long to write this whole thing out! It sounds like a mary sue but trust me, she is not
OkamiPainter (74302)
49 days ago
My character is not a Mary sue, not all the answer are accurate to my OC, not trying to hate or anything but I can insure you that my OC is original
Max (29140)
71 days ago
btw my OC got an 85% score. Pretty good!
Max (29140)
71 days ago
My OC is called Maxwell Walker. He has a special blue and orange eye that is rarely activated. He has powers, but he also has flaws. For example, he is kinda reckless and ambitious. He was somewhat inspired by famous music producer Alan Walker. He has a similar personality to me, but is somewhat more intelligent than your average 15 year old (he's 15). His parents died in a firing squad that captured him when he was born.
Read this comment V (35024)
71 days ago
My character is called Rainbow, she has rainbow hair, rainbow eyes and is part cat. (Has black ears and tail and white skin tone)

She looks very Mary Suey, but, she has a very realistic personality , no powers, and she is made to be another me, so then that explains everything.
Anonymous (76015)
77 days ago
If you would like to hear more about my OC, please tell me so
Anonymous (76015)
77 days ago
My characters name is Rosebud. Here is some information about her:

Name: Lilac
Nickname: Rosebud
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Fox
Fur Color: Sky Blue
Markings: Yes, but only one. A rose marking with some leafs
Eye Color: Blue

My character belongs in a fandom with other abnormal anthropomorphic characters. I’m sure you can guess which one it is.
Something (69245)
83 days ago
My main OC Solar got 95%. WAY better then I thought.

I don't know what else to say.

RainbowServal (64940)
96 days ago
I have a ton of fursona. The oc I used is from Flight rising, as a sub-breed called Cat-wildclaws.
She lived at the final years of The Third Age, and her parents and youngest sibling died from The Shade, and her twin survived. With her unnatural abilities, she started a new flight, and her sister started one too. (more in her bio)
I ship her with Windsinger, hiss
Dictionary (01697)
99 days ago
My OC is a nature spirit, and it has a lot to do with the Legend of Zelda. It doesn't interact much with canon characters outside of the Windfish, Godesses, and the Hero/Ganondorf. It was made when Skyloft ascended, to protect forests from Demise. It only battled with Demise ONCE, and tragically lost. Its name is Bidione. It is a nice-looking character, with white-ish yellow fur with a vine pattern on back and neck, and sharp antlers clad in golden armor. Bidione's downside is it is often tactless and direct, and wary. Because of this, it is not a well known spirit, and the only friend it was able to attract was the Windfish, as a mate. (No, they weren't going to have offspring,) But after the events of Link's Awakening, and the Windfish was destroyed, Bidione did not trust the Hero until it learned of incarnates. But it still is wary, and fears losing, whether it be battles or close one.
All credit for Hero, Goddess, Ganondorf and everything except for Bidione itself belongs to Nintendo.
Pekoe's my oc (00196)
116 days ago
100 %? Cool cats. I think it's because my oc is and will always be a hypocritical.
Princess Meme the Goat Thing (95846)
127 days ago
My OC’s name is Fernando The Cat- that’s right, first name Fernando, middle name The, last name Cat- and he’s a cereal mascot for a cereal company that I haven’t really figured out the name of yet, but will soon.

Anyway, his species is an orange talking cat guy thing, which is why he makes a “grrreat” cereal mascot (don’t worry, he’s not copy-paste Tony the Tiger). His age is 33 (in cat years) and looks his age. He’s also slightly overweight, so he’s not a Mary Sue there!

Bio: He was just enjoying a tropical cruise to Hawaii with his new cat girlfriend, when all of a sudden Cereal Company wanted to make a commercial. So one of Cereal Company’s “recruits” swooped in- and knocked Fernando out, threw him in a sack, and shipped him to Georgia, where the commercial was being shot. Fernando was never actually “asked” if he wanted to be in it, so basically they were doing something illegal. “But turn down this offer,” said the producers, “or the next place you’ll be going is the pound.”
To this day, Fernando is the official Cereal Company mascot- and hates ever second of it. When he’s not crying himself to sleep or doing a commercial, he and his friend Lucky the Leprechaun, both slaves to the most important meal of the day, plot methods of escape, write fanfics, watch Ratboy Genius, and wait for the day when it’ll all be over...

Fernando likes to wear a rainbow fedora and sparkly vest, despite his negative demeanor. He is grumpy or depressed 24/7, the only things he can stand being cookies, orange, death, his girlfriend, Ratboy Genius, fedoras, and Pokémon.

And that’s Fernando, boy-o.
TimeWarpsNatu (85629)
156 days ago
My character is named Verdant
Lukuui (36941)
212 days ago
okay, first things first, if your oc is really edgy (depressing 24/7) then they may be a mary sue. all these comments of their oc having the most "depressing" life (their parents died, everyone hates them, blah blah blah) and them saying that they are a great character? they are most likely mary sue oc's that need to be fixed. yeah, i get it. you want your oc to be really dark and creepy, but tone it down, kid.
Night star she is my OC ok?! (21127)
212 days ago
Borderline Mary Sue. Be careful she might turn into one depending on your writing skills tone down a little bit and you'll be fine HAHA like I'm gonna be Mary Sue ok I'll be back and describe my oc I mean! Me
Boop (15893)
225 days ago
I'm 100% pure hahahahahaha
Chester Mayweather (14913)
319 days ago

My post name is that of my character.

My char is good at the Piano and guitar and has a good singing voice, but he tried multiple instruments and failed miserably before finding two he could play and practised a lot, his singing voice is because he was taught by an actual singer. He did both of these things so he could boost the morale of his men.

He is KNOWN as the best soldier in the world, alongside his friend but there are better soldiers, they are just the most renowned as the poster boys of their countries.

He uses a Ninjato sword, but only because he was given it by someone and it proves useful when out of ammo.

He had a tragic childhood and was forced into war at a young age and fought all his life, but grew to love war and hate his enemies. He began to develop another personality because of it: A nice guy who likes to be everyone's friend(doesn't always succeed) And a violent man who wants only to protect those he cares about by whatever means necessary. This is his flaw, he tries to be good but has two ways of going about it. Actually being good and using extreme violence to protect or exact vengeance for his friends

He is considered attractive by some, not so by others. As with most people irl.

He married long ago and it ended because he couldn't give her children and he thought because of this he wasn't worthy of her. She died later. He falls in love in the new world he finds himself in with someone who is not confirmed to have a pairing.

He 'died' years ago but was brought back because the selfish batchards at the government wanted their 'poster boy' back, so they yanked him back from death to serve their own agenda. His living again is a curse, not a gift. He was glad of death when it came. He was given cybernetics due to his organs rotting in his dead body.

Because they tested new genetics on him and tested an anti-ageing gene because he was 80 when he died, it worked with horrible side effects, so again, not a perk. He re-matures faster but still looks his age in his face at least.

He has to rebuild his entire life in the future. He is alone, with no one to talk to or connect with properly, until he meets the main chars. Two of whom distrust him, one of them is even scared of him because of his reputation of hunting their species. He TRIES to get along with everyone, and eventually, after earning their trust, he does. But not without working at it.

Most of his Mary Sue perks come with a serious drawback that takes the perk away and he earns what he has and is given nothing for free. Everything has a price and some, for him are pretty steep.

Some consider a character dying and coming back a 'Mary-Sue' trait, but with the right scenario and reasoning, everything can be justified as not being a 'Mary-Sue' symptom. Rather than people being pushed away from the character, the circumstances with which they came across the trait can bring the character closer to reality and the audience.

Anyway, end of rant. Glad I got 80%!
Méli-sama (99623)
344 days ago
80% ! Nice ! My OC is better than I thought !