How do you solve problems? (A "What would you do?" Quiz)

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Are you fast-acting and observant? Or do you sit there and wait for the problem to be solved for you?

  • 1
    Say that you and your best friend were driving along the road one night. Your car breaks down, and you were both restricted from your cell phones, which you left at home. It's so late, and you land in this driveway of this house. It's pouring rain, and you go in. The door slams behind you and won't open, so you are trapped in a haunted house for the night. One of the doors slams shut on it's own! Your friend is scared to death, while you want to...
    Curl up and die and pretend that nothing is happening.
    Is this one of those horror quizzes?
    Run away and get out as soon as possible.
  • 2
    No matter what you decided, You go into this pitch dark room. Suddenly, you hear a scream! As you search for a light switch, you switch on the light. Your friend is gone! You...
    Cover your face and lie on the floor wishing none of this had happened.
    Run around the house umpteen million times looking for your friend.
    Ooh, a mystery!
  • 3
    You walk out of the room that your friend disappeared in. You hear a muffled scream. You automatically stare up at the ceiling, you see your friend tied up, and a black shadow whips around the corner with your friend! You...
    Drop on the floor and cry.
    Oh, I should write this all down and get PUBLISHED!
    Rush around the corner they went by! If you make it quick, you might catch them!
  • 4
    After a second or an hour depending on what you chose, you walk around the corner, and fall down a trap door! Your crash makes a big noise. Then you hear footsteps. You see a closet with an upper shelf just big enough for you to curl up on! Act fast! You...
    This is suspenseful. So what do they keep in the closet, you say?
    I quickly get up there and shut the closet door! I don't want to get caught.
    I just faint. It's hopeless.
  • 5
    So you decide to get into the closet. Your heartbeat is fast, while you hear a creaking door and the footsteps in the room. You are super quiet. All of a sudden, behind you, you see a door. You...
    This is pretty nice wood for a door... Wonder where they got it...
    Go into the door. Your friend may be in there!
    Stay in the closet. When in doubt, stay where you are.
  • 6
    You decide to go through the door and you come out onto a tile floored balcony, overlooking a chamber of people. You see your best friend tied up on one of the walls! The key to the doors are right on the table. There are no stairs. You...
    Who ever heard of something with no stairs?
    Send your friend a "goodbye" signal with a heavy heart.
    Jump and land on your feet. Then, unlock the key and save your friend.
  • 7
    You decide to jump or climb down, and then unlock your friend. You unlock your friend and decide to go into the room to the left. You see an abandoned Paul McCartney/Beatles fan club room. You...
    Go out, though you wish you could stay and listen to the CDs.
    Stay under the bed in case something comes in and listen to "Here comes the sun" to calm your nerves.
    Oh! I love Paul McCartney!
  • 8
    You see an opening in the wall. You also see light coming from the source. You know that it was 3:00 A.M when you came in, and you look on your watch and see it is 7:00 a.m. You...
    Run for the light. This could be your way out!
    Where did that come from?
    You cry tears of joy saying, "THANK YOU!"
  • 9
    You and your friend emerge into a grassy, lush, green, sunny jungle-like place. You run for a clearing where you see your car! When you hop in, you see that it had been fixed when it broke down last night.
    Get in the car with out looking back trying to forget last night.
    I have a nice car: )
    You look back at the home, thinking of your adventure last night.
  • 10
    Later, while telling your family about your incident, you decide to....
    Tell the truth and nothing but the truth. True stories can be fun, too!
    Exaggerate it a little bit. Take out the parts where you cowered in fear.
    Totally alter the story. This is too cool to tell the truth, anyways,

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