The Phantom of the Opera Quiz (Book, Play, Movie)

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If you like the Phantom of the Opera, you need to take this quiz!

  • 1
    Who is Raoul?
    Who is Raoul?
    Christine Daaé's father's friend
    Christine Daaé's lover/friend from child hood
    Opera Ghost's friend
  • 2
    Who wrote the original novel of the Phantom of the Opera?
    Who wrote the original novel of the Phantom of the Opera?
    Charles Prince
    Gaston Leroux
    Andrew Lloyd Webber
    Charles Hart
  • 3
    How do you write the Phantom of the Opera in French?
    Fantme de Opéra
    Le Fantôme l'Opéra
    Le Fantôme de l'Opéra
    Le Fantôme de Opéra
    Fantome de l'Opéra
  • 4
    Who was the original Phantom, Christine, and Raoul in the original London cast?
    Michael Crahford, Emmy Rossum, and Brad Little
    Patrick Wilson, Rebecca Pitcher, and Michael Crawford
    Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman, and Steve Barton
    Steve Barton, Sarah Brightman, and Michael Crahford
  • 5
    What's Piangi's first name?
  • 6
    In the book, who were the two managers of the Opera House?
    Firming and Andre
    Moncharmin and Prénoms
    Richard and Moncharmin
    Firming and Richard
  • 7
    In the book, what did Erik call the Persian?
  • 8
    In the book, when Christine asked Erik was nationality he was, what did Erik answer?
    I don't need a nationality, all I need is you, my dear darling Christine
    I do not recall
    I have no nationality
  • 9
    What was similar between Gerard Butler's childhood and Emmy Rossum's?
    They both went to private schools
    Their mothers were both bankers
    They both won an award of Mathematic
    They both lost contact with their fathers
  • 10
    In the Broadway Musical, who sang," Far from my far-reaching gaze..."
    Christine in "Wishing you were somehow here again"
    Raoul in "That's all I ask of you"
    Phantom in "Wandering Child"
  • 11
    What quote did Minnie Driver(Carlotta in 2004 movie)use in order to reply the reporter's question about why didn't she use her voice in the movie?
    We all can draw, but we're not all painters.
    We all drive cars, but we're not all race-car drivers.
    We all know 1+1=2, but we're not all mathematicians.
    We all can sing, but we're not all Opera singers.
  • 12
    In the 1925 movie, who did the young ladies of the ballet suspect is the Phantom?
    The Persian
    Erik himself
    A stranger who enters and exits the Opera House often
    A person who investigate this Opera Ghost
  • 13
    What was Lon Chaney's nick name?
    The Phantom of the Opera
    The man of thousand faces
    The man who brought the Phantom of the Opera alive
  • 14
    In the 2004 movie, what song(s) was written by Charles Hart and Andrew Lloyd Webber for the movie exclusively?
    Learn to be lonely/No one would listen
    Learn to be lonely
    No one would listen
  • 15
    In the book, why did Erik let Christine and Raoul leave?
    Because Christine kissed Erik to save the trapped Raoul, which touched Erik.
    Because Christine mingled her tears with him and let him kissed her.
    Because Christine wanted to commit suicide, Erik loved her, so he let the woman he loved went off with her real lover.
  • 16
    What was a coincidence between Sarah Brightman's marriage and Andrew Lloyd Webber's?
    They didn't have any kids from their previous marriage.
    They were married to each other's friends.
    They both married some one before, and their names were Sarah and Andrew too!
  • 17
    For what reason caused ALW write the play "The Phantom of the Opera" just for Sarah Brightman.
    ALW owned Sarah...
    He loved her so much.
    They were really good friends, she was the inspiration for him to write the play.
  • 18
    What did Gaston Leroux do with the story he wrote?
    He told her wife to put this book in his coffin after he died.
    He claimed back and forth that it was a true story.
    This was his favorite piece of his works.
  • 19
    Did Erik abuse Christine in the book?
    Yes, he dragged her hair after she snatched away his mask.
    Yes, he tried to kiss Christine but Christine kept struggle, so he smacked her.
    No, Erik loved Christine very much!
  • 20
    How much box office did the play "The Phantom of the Opera" earn more than the 1997 movie "Titanic"?
    2.5 billions
    It didn't defeat Titanic...
    1.4 billions
    0.7 billion

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