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I can tell you this, I ultimately love The O.C, but tell me this...Do you?

  • 1
    In season 2 who shot trey and why?
    Ryan because Trey forced himself onto Marissa
    Summer because Trey Killed her Mom
    Seth because Trey already Killed Summer
    Marissa because Trey was going to almost kill Ryan
  • 2
    How did Marissa die at the end of season 3?
    A car crash
    She Jumped off a cliff
    An overdose
    She got strangled by Ryan
  • 3
    What is Sandy famous for when it comes to food?
    Bacon and the "special ingredient"
    Pizza and his famous pepperoni
    His BBQ sauce and the French ingredient he got from Caleb in season 1
    Bagels and smearing
  • 4
    What colour streak did Alex have in season 2?
  • 5
    What was Summers Rabbit's name and one of its babies' names?
    Peter and Stewie
    Burger and Fries
    Marge and Lisa
    Pancakes and Flapjacks
  • 6
    What was stuck in Ryan's side after the earthquake?
    An ice pick
    There was no earthquake
    A chunk of glass
    One of Taylor's hair clips
  • 7
    What was the episode called when Ryan Punched the Dean and The Dean started bleeding and then the O.C theme song started playing?

    I know, allot of info, but it was my favourite episode so I had to fit it in...
    "The new kids on the block"
    "The Nana"
    "Family Ties"
    "The ex-factor"
  • 8
    Who donated blood to Ryan When he got that PIECE OF GLASS out of his side?
  • 9
    What is the name of the place Summer had to go to at the end of season 4?
  • 10
    Isn't this like, the BEST QUIZ EVER!
    No................................................ ........JOKING, ITS THE ULTIMATE O.C QUIZ
  • 11
    Who Got Shot in the foot with a flare gun?
    Summer's Boyfriend
    Taylor's Mom
    Ryan's Brother
    Sandy's Wife
  • 12
    What Does O.C stand for and what beach does the show take place on?
    Omega Country and the beach of love...
    Orange County and Newport beach
    Open County and fellow beach
    October City and Baywatch beach
  • 13
    On the show, who are all the People Julie married?
    Jimmy, Caleb, Frank, Bullet and Dr.Roberts (Niel)
    Jimmy, Caleb and Frank
    Frank, Jimmy and Bullet
    Caleb, Sandy and Jimmy
  • 14
    How Did Trey Die?
    He got hit by a train
    He killed himself
    none of the above
    He didn't
    He got shot
  • 15
    On the season 4 opening credits, how long do they sing the second actual word "California" and what colour dress is Taylor wearing?
    13 sec and orange
    5 sec and green
    7 sec and yellow
    9 sec and red
    15 sec and she was wearing a long T-Shirt that was red

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