Do you have fun in life?

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Here's the ideal way to see if you have fun or if you don't have that much fun

  • 1
    You're in town and you pass by this club where there's a huge party going on, what do you do?
    LET'S PARTY BABY! You run inside and start dancing with anyone not caring who you dance with
    you decide to have a little fun and go inside, sit down or later dance
    it's like whatever, you just go home and keep watching TV, ignore the parties, they're too wild
  • 2
    It's an extremely hot day, your outside, and you think of the hose, what do you do?
    go inside and take a shower, duh!
    turn it on but just for a little while, then turn it off and have a real shower
    I run to the hose, turn it on and enjoy the freshness of the hose water and have FUN!
  • 3
    You're extremely bored one day, what would you do?
    stay inside and watch the movies that come up on the channels, no matter how boring they are
    call my friends, go shopping, beg my mom until she gives me money to go somewhere fun, start a fun project, I like to be creative!
    Go to the park or maybe go to my friends' houses
  • 4
    If you really wanted to go to let's say Fiesta Texas or Disney World in the summer, but you didn't have enough money, what would you do?
    Who cares? I'd forget the trip and just go on the internet, that's fun too
    I would do the impossible to raise the money, I would no let this great opportunity pass! I'd sell gum in the hot street if I had to
    beg, beg, beg my mom until she agreed to pay for the trip
  • 5
    When planning a party, what role do you take in the actual party?
    Oh, what role? I attended the party only, but I had to leave early anyway..... I would've missed Lost!
    the game planner
    I'm am the hostess/host, the game planner, and I am the one that went around and voted for the song that should come out next
  • 6
    Would you do anything to make anyone happy, let's say would you be the clown at a party or would you be the entertainer?
    I don't know, maybe
    nope, I'm way too shy, besides it's too hard to make someone laugh and find the right jokes
  • 7
    Would you sing on stage in front of people?
    probably, yeah
    I'd dance for them and I'd do anything they'd wanted me to do, I am not shy!
  • 8
    Do you play sports?
    just basketball and soccer
    no, I don't like sports
    yeah, basketball, football, tennis, track, football and I'm also going to be in soccer
  • 9
    How much do you spend on TV each day?
    Practically the whole day, or no when I want to go on the internet
    about long enough to watch just my two favorite shows
    less than an hour or an hour
  • 10
    How much fun do you think you like to have?
    I have fun
    FUN, FUN, FUN! That's one of my favorite words!
    I don't know

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