How Real is Your Love?

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People have different ideas of what love means when they say "I love you" to another, carrying with it different expectations. Real expectations get met, and unreal ones get bombed. So is your idea of love real enough to withstand the real world tests? Plunge into the test for very real, challenging feedback...

  • 1
    A man buys flowers for his long time partner every Valentine

    Men don't care about flowers or love; pleasing her pleases him
    He is a romantic kind of man, lucky her
    He enjoys going along with a popular social ritual
    Another man fulfilling an expectation for self-serving reasons
    He must love her very much
  • 2
    Someone has a major love affair with a third party, two months later returns to a passionless marriage

    Someone believes in the higher love of responsibility and public honor
    Someone is a love-fearing coward hanging on to safe familiar pain. Game's not over.
    Someone is a typical thrill seeker. And now game's over.
    Someone obviously loves the affair party, but doesn't want to hurt anyone
    Someone doesn't love self enough to truly love anyone at the moment
  • 3
    A grandparent gives excessively expensive presents and special attention to a particular grandchild

    Some family Santa Claus take perverse pleasure in corrupting the souls of young ones, in the name of love, as always
    Some people just enjoy playing generous family elders, no harm done
    Many grandparents bribe their grandchild like they bribed their own child, to satisfy their own selfish agendas
    Everyone deserves special unconditional love from grandparents
    It's unfair but some kids are just so lucky
  • 4
    The birthday gifts I get tend to be

    Cheap or boring. And then they expect you to smile and say thank you.
    Not what I want, but hey, I'm used to not being understood. At least I got some.
    Not what I want. I just wish people would stop giving me what they think I should want
    Always interesting, from the few I give interesting gifts to
    Sometimes meaningful, from the rare few who "get" me
  • 5
    A cousin opens up to you about a long history of being used by a parent, who's still controlling your cousin with guilt trips. The cousin is tormented by uncontrollable rage towards this parent and seeks advice. Your tell cousin

    Don't be afraid to speak your own truth and stand up to this parent.
    Sometimes people guilt-trip us because they love us
    You feel your cousin's pain deeply, you feel sorry for other unfortunate souls with the same experience
    It's not ideal, but everyone has their own parent issues
    Guilt-tripping is hatred pretending to be love. Your rage is totally justified. It's time to start loving yourself with full selfishness.
  • 6
    I buy travel gifts

    For immediate family and special darling, as you should
    For everyone in the family and my friends; people need to know that they are being thought of
    Not a habit. Sometimes I'd go out of the way to find something for the one or two special persons
    Only if I see something particularly meaningful to a particular person
    For everyone I could think of, to show that I care, not that these things cost much
  • 7

    Your lover of a one year serious relationship finally picks up enough courage to tell you that he/she was in a secret affair with a married person around the time when you started dating. Your lover still cares for this married person, but has no intention to pursue this person, just wants "no secret between us". Your reaction -

    Lover's confession has nothing to do with you, you listen and appreciate the courage
    Puzzled, why it takes your lover this long to tell you despite your generally accepting attitude
    Explosion followed by Wall of China, until lover makes great sacrifices to restore your most exclusive love status.
    Shocked, heart broken. Terminate the relationship immediately. It's impossible to trust such a liar, and an immoral one at that.
    Implosion followed by indifference. Lose respect for your lover's weak moral constitution.
  • 8
    Your less polite feeling about your father, or father figure, is along the line of...

    Sometimes I allow myself to wonder if he is dead inside
    He unfairly criticises me, sometimes I pretend he's right to make him happy
    I do care, but his view of me has ceased to affect me long ago
    He fears people, especially strong people. But he needs his pride.
    He lives an dishonest life, but I respect his choices
  • 9
    Your socially unacceptable feeling about your mother, or mother figure, could be...

    Truth is, she really hates me, and I'm still paying with my happiness
    I try not to feel sorry for her. It's her life, her choices.
    Mother's guilt trips can be quite amusing
    She despises and devalues people, especially me. I wish she'd stop.
    She manipulates and uses me, and I let her because I care for her
  • 10
    Soul mate
    There's only one, but sometimes love hurts so much
    There's only one, and won't hurt or disappoint you
    Every significant person with the capacity to care, hurt and heal me is my potential soul mate
    There's probably a few. Knowing me I'd probably end up with the most boring soul mate ever.
    That delicious Soul I really want to Mate with right here right now

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