What type of soda are you?

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What kind of soda are you! Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    What is your favorite color?
    lime green
  • 2
    You prefer a soda with a ___________ flavor:
    fruit flavor (example: orange, apple, kiwi, etc)
    cherry cola flavor (example: wild cherry, Dr. Pepper!)
  • 3
    Which one of the following descriptions best fits your personality?
    Happy, bouncy, bubbly
    Popular, optimistic, lots of friends
    Quiet, shy, sensitive
    Talkative, quick not very popular
    Rude, stuck up, to good for everyone else
  • 4
    You're with all your friends at the bowling alley. Everyone's talking, and you're having a great time. Then you notice a person you know sitting all alone a few lanes down. You:
    Sit there, quietly, too shy to go say hello. Maybe somebody else will talk to her.
    Just sit there. Not because you're shy, but because you're so popular you don't need to go talk to the person by them self. After all, you're hot and she's not.
    Run and say "Hi", and ask if they want to join your game
    Ask your best friend if he'll come with you and the two of you walk up to the person and beg them to join your game.
    Go say "Hi", and ask how they are. But don't know what else to say and go back to your game
  • 5
    What type of music do you listen to?
    Classic Rock
    Christian Rock
    Heavy metal
  • 6
    What was is (was) your favorite school subject?
  • 7
    In your opinion, in the last 100 years, what was the best time era?
    The 1900's!
  • 8
    How would you prefer to dress?
    Normal- T-shirt, hooded if it's cold out, jeans, tennis shoes, maybe a baseball cap.
    Modern- Dress pants, weird tight shirt, dress shoes or sandals.
    Preppy- Nice, ironed shirt (probably button-up) khakis, nice shoes, maybe even a tie
    Old-fashioned- Skirt(if you're a girl), button-up shirt, slacks, dress shoes
    Exotic- Remember that funny pair of multicolored pants you found at a yard sale and that shirt? Oh- and those sandals!
  • 9
    How many friends do you have?
    FRIENDS? I, ah, um, eh, yeah, I have lots of friends....Most hang out w/ my sister but I'm with my sister most of the time, so I guess that makes them my friends, too? Right? Besides, I'm too cool for most people, so only the very elite are good enough to be friends with me.
    I don't have any friends- I'm too shy! If I talk to anybody, they have to come up and start the conversation. Because of that, not many people talk to me.
    I have lots of friends! A buddy to talk to everywhere I go! I smile and laugh all the time!
    A few people I hang out with- one or two good friends. When I do see my good friends, they walk up to talk to me or I walk over to them.
    Just a couple of people I follow around and *try* to hang out with- I have to walk up to them and start the conversation
  • 10
    Last question! Did you like this quiz? Answer truthfully. It doesn't affect your score.
    It was pretty cool.
    It was great!
    It was okay, I guess...
    ARE YOU KIDDING? It was awful!
    Yeah, it was just fine!

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