What is the type of your Father Gigolo Complex?

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A self-knowledge test for adult females who’ve dated – father gigolo complex is the female version of mother whore complex, otherwise known as virgin whore or virgin slut complex. As the experts opined, these psychological complexes affect the way we view and interact with the sexes. It may even affect our worldly success. So, is your sexy male image more fatherly or gigolo? Does “fatherly” translate to the same thing for every girl? Check out the shape and size of your Father Gigolo Complex, and get ready for some in-depth, thought-provoking feedback!

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    1. Pick the first answer that feels *instantly right* to you. A castle is burning. A princess, sword in hand, leads an army, defending the main gate against enemy barbarians. Tension builds. Mayhem everywhere. Where is the PRINCE?

    Making out with a maid behind the kitchen
    In deadly engagement with the handsome barbarian prince
    He’s been sick, recuperating at the queen’s chamber
    Hiding somewhere underground
    Charging out of the main gate towards the enemy
  • 2
    2. The king is not there. Where is the KING?

    Being groomed and pampered at royal spa
    Busy pacifying the queen at their chamber
    Moved in with a foreign queen
    Strategizing battle moves at the watch tower
    Died long ago of an unknown illness
  • 3
    3. What is the QUEEN doing right now?

    Solemnly confessing her sins at the altar
    In rose petal bath with a hot barbarian lover
    Managing casualties and medical supplies
    Crying and acting pathetic as usual
    At the throne, bossing everyone around
  • 4
    4. What did you envision the PRINCESS wearing?

    Her tailored, aerodynamic, sexy, tightly corseted warrior suit
    Torn, flowing dress in gravely white, fiery red, or deep black
    Her most practical, form-fitting, monochrome warrior pant suit
    Her majestic ball gown in a luxurious, sensual, classy pastel tone
    The prince’s toughest, heavy duty, metallic warrior pant suit
  • 5
    5. If you really had to choose one of them as your romantic paradise island man...

    Leonardo DiCarprio
    Ralph Fiennes
    Brad Pitt
    Orlando Bloom
    Johnny Depp
  • 6
    6. Your feeling as a sibling is

    In terms of taking good care of everyone’s feelings, I’m probably like a middle child
    I may act babyish, but it’s obvious to everyone I'm highly independent
    I feel natural acting as the head sibling
    Whatever they feel, I do often feel like an only child
    Irrelevant. I’ve always functioned as the eldest in the family, even to my parent/s
  • 7
    7. Oil painting class students. Today’s theme: Romantic Embrace, with two human figures. You’re now putting finishing touches on your romantically embracing human figures. On your canvas…

    Female male, with female figure dominating the composition
    Both human figures are male, or their sex is unclear
    Male female, with male figure dominating the composition
    Both are female
    Both male and female are of similar size
  • 8
    8. I think I look like

    Both parents
    Mother/ mother’s family
    Father/ father’s family
    Neither parents
  • 9
    9. Family scenario: girl brings new boyfriend home to meet parents. Mother likes boyfriend. Boyfriend behaves and looks different from father. During dinner, father starts to make hostile remarks regarding boyfriend’s hair and career choice. Girl should

    Reason with father openly, defend boyfriend’s choices
    Keep calm and subtly lobby for mother’s moral support
    Relax and leave boyfriend to his own devices
    Learn to trust her head and not bring boyfriends home in the future
    Flatter father immediately, highlight both males’ similarities
  • 10
    10. Party hot topic: Middle-age Hollywood diva dumps her successful film producer husband for a new pop sensation 25 years her junior. Junior boy proposes with a 20 carat designer ring. She says yes. Everyone’s very excited. Your most likely response -

    Show biz ego trips. Power can buy them lust but not true lasting love.
    He’s probably the rare guy who could see that fun crazy child in her.
    The ring! But she’s so over the hill. He’s got mother complex.
    It’s all going to end in a tabloid train wreck
    Age is irrelevant. A bimbo always attracts a himbo.
  • 11
    11. At the least, your ideal male sex object must have

    Chemistry, generous proportion, fire in the eyes. No compromise.
    Grooming, taste, manners. Lean, tone tummy. No compromise.
    Protective feeling like a big, cuddly bear. No compromise.
    Good, expert sex skills, size, drive, stamina. No compromise.
    Spiritual, mental, and physical health. No compromise.
  • 12
    12. Have you been with someone who fits this ideal male sex object description?

    Yes, but they always run off with their own ideal sex objects
    Yes. More than one.
    Found him, great sex, some fun, then he started to bore
    He used to, until he turned lethargic and depressive
  • 13
    13. How close are you, physically, to someone who’s an ideal male sex object? He…

    Is someone I occasionally talk to, but he will remain only in my dreams.
    Is very close, very seductive, and very tempting. But I have my standards.
    Under the control of one evil female. But I’m patiently working on it.
    Is nearby and mostly available when I want him
    Can stay where he belongs – movies, TV shows and tabloid magazines
  • 14
    14. Can you imagine being in love with your ideal male sex object?

    If he could prove his brain is as brilliant as mine, maybe.
    A sane person can’t possibly be in love with an object
    Honestly, not sure. I can’t possibly be in love with both of them at the same time.
    If he could give me hundred percent devotion, sure. But get real.
    I deeply passionately lustfully love my current ideal male sex object.
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    15. The latest of an escalating two year old drama: distraught younger brother at older sister’s door. His certified super bitch girlfriend has finally moved her Mr.Fling into brother’s new flat, and locked him out. He needs a bed and time to sort things out. Sister should

    Head over to brother’s flat, seduce Mr.Fling onto her side, that’d teach that bitch
    Call the bitch, calmly read her the logic of the situation, then call the police
    Give brother the unmoved look and blanket on the couch. One night stay only.
    Give brother a long overdue heart to heart lecture, and three days to rid of the bitch.
    Head over to brother’s flat, someone with real balls needs to rage at that bitch for once
  • 16
    16. Ideally, how to sort the dinner bill for the first date?

    Split according to what you order, or income bracket. Fair.
    Let the gentlemen pay. They have been/ should be trained to please the ladies.
    According to the vibe of the moment
    Split evenly. No argument.
    Man pays. Prove himself. No big deal - they own 99% of the world’s asset.
  • 17

    17. A new couple having strong disagreement: man and woman in new relationship. Man demands woman to reduce closeness to her male best friend. She’s giving in.

    Stop the jealous rage, just give her whatever the other guy offers already.
    Power trip. She shouldn’t give in, but get even closer with Mr. best friend.
    But then they get to keep their special female buddy. Hypocrites.
    Insecure girl attracts possessive boy. They sound like a match.
    Men are tyrants. Why do women bother.
  • 18
    18. A girlfriend at her best

    Investment and male taming tips
    Gossip and shopping mate
    Easy-going life companion
    Life adventure story swapper
    An understanding shoulder to cry on
  • 19
    19 A girlfriend at her worst

    Steals your man and money then acts so innocent
    Being a selfish pompous bitch who ignores your cry for help
    Dumps you for another girl without explanation
    Flirts shamelessly with your man right in front of you
    Snaps at you due to her own insecurities
  • 20
    20. Someone dear gives you a metal animal totem pendant. You prefer…

    A lion
    A dog
    A panther
    A dolphin
    An eagle

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