Which Cartoon Character Are You Most Like?

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Are you like Wil E. Coyote? How about the Roadrunner? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    There is someone who is bugging you... BADLY! And doing tricks on you. You hate them and you have asked them to stop several times. What do you do?
    Go tell your mommy or a teacher or grownup.
    Outsmart them with some trick and they finally leave you alone.
    You dodge one of their tricks and make it backfire on them.
    Snap a rubber band at them but instead it misses and hits the school bully.
    Go try and get back at them but have it backfire.
  • 2
    How fast can you run?
    Zip zoom!
    Pretty fast.
    Fast? I'm like... fast. (I like to toot my own horn!)
    Absolutely slow.
    Twice as fast as any of the other options!
  • 3
    If you were being chased by a bulldog, what would you do?
    Start running but trip and fall.
    Out run him.
    Start running, look behind you, then run into a wall or a fence and such.
    Out wit him.
    Yell for your mommy.
  • 4
    How many times have you been outwitted?
    Every time I try to do something.
    Most of the time.
    Whenever I don't have help.
    Hardly ever, and when I am I find a way to get out of my pickle.
    Never! I out run them!
  • 5
    How many times have you found yourself in trouble because of yourself?
    I hardly ever get in trouble!
    Trouble? What's that?
    Every day.
    About... 6 times a week.
    My friends get me in trouble. On accident! I don't hardly ever get myself in trouble!
  • 6
    How often do you want your mommy?
    Mommy! Look at me! Stupid people try to get me but I out with them!
    Never! I'd be too embarrassed because of how clumsy I am and stuff!
    I don't want her! I want my boyfriend/girlfriend to nurse my wounds!
    MOMMY! Every day.
    I out run my mommy.
  • 7
    What is one word that describes you?
    Um... unique?
  • 8
    What types of things fall on you?
    Pebbles! Ouch! MOMMY!
    Nothing! I out run it!
  • 9
    What is your favorite number out of the following?
    8, E-I-G-H-T, Eight.
    4, Mommy! It doesn't work!
    10, Fasteners!
  • 10
    How lucky are you?
    So lucky I get anvils on my head.
    I can out wit people and have a girl/boy at the same time!
    I get slapped by girls/boys?
    Really lucky! I can RUN!
    I get to try new things. My friend's a genius.
  • 11
    What's you favorite type of animal?
    Mouse! Out with the kitty!
    Road runner. Zippity ZOOM!
    Kitty! Mischievous or lazy!
    Coyote. Definitely.
    Person. That's an animal, right?
  • 12
    What's you favorite thing to do?
    Try to catch 1 thing but never succeed.
    Out with things!
    Eat spinach.
    Try to catch 1 specific thing along with a girl.
  • 13
    Are you athletic?
    I can run out over cliffs and stay in midair for about 2 seconds.
    By golly gee yes!
    I can out run a bulldog until I run into a wall.
    Man, yes! I RUN!
  • 14
    Are you impatient?
    Mommy, am I impatient?
    If I'm being chased!
    Yes! I want to RUN!
    Yes! I want to catch it!
    Yes.. I really need to run from this bulldog...
  • 15
    Are you glad this is the last question on this quiz?
    Yup. I need to plot.
    Sure. Whatever you say.
    I need to get away from bulldog!
    Mommy? What do I do now?
    Must.... RUN!

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