Do you know how to handle bad situations?

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If you're still wondering if you're smart when it comes to the bad times, try my quiz out!

  • 1
    You see your boyfriend/girlfriend flirting around with someone else that isn't you! You....
    start to cry and run home or to the bathroom wandering why your date did this to you
    go right up to him/her and tell him/her and start talking about it there in front of everyone
    go hysteric, and start beating up the girl/guy that your date was flirting with and start screaming
    shake you head, leave and plan to talk about it with your date later
  • 2
    All your friends are going to the coolest club in town, your mom doesn't let you go due to too much drinking or maturity. You.....
    are disappointed but agree with your mother and do something else that won't get you in trouble
    start to cry and sob and try the sad scene with your mother
    start kicking everything in your way and go on screaming at your mother that she never let's you do anything you want
    tell your mother that you promise that nothing bad will happen and offer her that if she will let you go, you will do some chores later
  • 3
    Your mom finds out from your aunt that you were smoking with your cousin, your mom gets mad at you. You...
    admit that it was you, apologize, and make up
    start to cry and plead to your mom that it wasn't you even if it was
    tell your mom that it wasn't you but later give up and admit it was you, although it was hard
    go to your aunt's house and start screaming and kicking at her how much of a snitch she is
  • 4
    A stranger comes up to you and asks you if you need a ride home because he knows where you live. You....
    start crying and run home because you're scared
    start kicking him and beating the living willies out of him, who does he think he is to offer me a ride? I don't know him!
    say yes and get in his car.......
    tell him no, take you cell phone out and tell him you will call the police if he bothers you again or if you catch him bothering anyone else for that matter
  • 5
    You wake up to find your house on fire and your family is still inside. You...
    start to scream about how you're going to die and scream more
    start crying, "HELP ME!" you scream but remain sitting where you are, expecting someone to come and save you
    start running around and scream for your family to save you
    try your best to follow that fire safety rules, warn your relatives and find the nearest phone
  • 6
    You're at the school dance, you get a huge punch stain on your favorite shirt. You...
    start hysterically screaming "OMG, MY SHIRT GOT DIRTY, OMG!"
    start to cry and you run to the bathroom to try and wash it off, but it's only worse
    get disappointed but not crazily angry, you ask your friend to lend you her sweater that she isn't using
    run to the bathroom and try to wash it off, making it worse so you immediately call it "your good night went bad"
  • 7
    Your friend lends you her expensive watch, but you accidentally drop it and step on it while going to class, and break it. You...
    start to cry and decide to tell your friend that you never had it
    tell your friend the truth, and run a fundraiser so that you could go the mall and buy your friend the exact same watch again
    tell your friend the truth, but tell her it was just a watch and that you will pay for it but not until the next year
    start screaming and screaming Omg, Omg, Omg
  • 8
    You had 20 dollars in your pocket, but then you lost it. You...
    start to cry, and say the you have the worst luck and hopefully ask your mom if she could give you more
    so what? It was only 20 dollars, I'll make more. It's helping someone else besides
    go look for it but when you don't find it beg your mom for more
    start screaming and start to tell anyone you see if they stole your money and when they say no, go and take some from your mom's purse
  • 9
    Your find out that the cousin that you hated just got in a car crash and was badly injured. You...
    start to laugh and call that day your lucky day
    tell your mom to take you to the hospital at that instant, and pray for her every night
    start to cry and tell your mom that you feel bad but feel fine later
    go to the hospital, but just sit there
  • 10
    You and your mom rent out a movie that you really want to watch but it's rated restricted, so your mom says she has to watch it first to make sure it's appropriate. You...
    start to cry and run to your room, you really wanted to watch it
    sigh angrily, argue with your mother and tell her how unfair she is but go to your room
    scream at your mother at how unfair she is and watch the movie by sneaking on it
    disappointingly tell your mom OK and wait for your mom to tell you that you can watch it

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