Cruelty Quiz

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Are you just heartless? Do you want to find out? Let's Go...

  • 1
    When someone is crying after a break-up you...
    comfort them
    blow them's not your problem.
    Laugh at their sorrow
  • 2
    Your friend asks you advice about sex and if he/she should try it with someone they just met, you say...
    You should wait. If you don't love him/her it will only ruin you're reputation.
    Sex? what's that?
    Go for it! Have as much of it as possible and don't wear a condom. It's not necessary anyway.
  • 3
    Your sibling just broke your mum's precious antique vase. He/she comes to you for help you...
    Tell mum and blame the broken window on him/her as well.
    You know what they say: if you can't duct it.......
    Try to glue it back together.
  • 4
    You take pleasure in...
    ruining a perfectly sound mind's reputation.
    listening to inspirational music.
    reading to the elderly.
  • 5
    Your significant other has confessed his/her love to you. What do you do?
    Use them. Abuse them. Then dump them as soon as they buy the ring.
    walk away and apply for a restraining order.
    say "I love you too!"
  • 6
    A baby bird fell out of the tree and it looks wounded. You...
    take it in and nurse back to health.
    ignore it.
    dangle it helplessly over your cat and eventually let it tear the bird apart.
  • 7
    A homeless man is getting brutally beaten by a bunch of hoodlums. What do you do?
    Call 911.
    Spit in his face.
    Yell for help.
  • 8
    You know one of your family members is cheating on his/her taxes. You...
    call the IRS ASAP and personally testify at the trial, then laugh when they are escorted to jail.
    ask for tips. DOWN WITH THE IRS!
    keep your mouth shut.
  • 9
    Your neighbour's cat got run over and the six years old wailed when she saw the body. Do you comfort her?
    It is not my problem.
    No. I flaunt the corpse in her face.
    Of course I will.
  • 10
    Do you enjoy it when people are in despair?
    I hate it when people are hurt.
    I dance in their tears!
    Don't care as usual.

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