Which Doctor Who Chapter Would You Join?

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Message Begins.

Welcome to the Hall of Records. I am robot 1824, and I will be your Recorder for this period. Once you have answered the questions, I will analyse the data and designate your Chapter. Begin whenever you feel ready, there is no set time. Have a pleasant day.

Message Ends.

  • 1
    When you wake up, you:
    get up immediately
    roll over and go back to sleep
    plan your day
    lie still and imagine what your day will be like
  • 2
    Time to get dressed. You wear:
    purples or blues. You want to be laid back, but expressive.
    reds, oranges, gold. Anything to make you stand out.
    the same outfit you’ve been wearing every day for years.
    whatever you lay eyes on first.
  • 3
    On your way to class, you bang into a stranger, and knock their books from their hands. You:

    keep walking. If they want to make something of it, you’ll deal with it then.
    don’t even notice. You’re too busy thinking about your latest interest.
    help them pick up the books if they’re bigger than you, and make a brief apology if they aren’t.
    apologise continuously and offer to carry the books to their class by way of an compensation.
  • 4
    Help! It turns out you’ve just barged in to Cardinal Braxiatel! You:
    grind out an apology, and stalk away. Pompous Cardinals . . .
    smoothly apologise once, and tell him you were late for your class.
    apologise, but forget about the whole thing five minutes later.
    continue to beg forgiveness in the hope that you won’t get suspended or expelled.
  • 5
    Your favourite class is:
    something physical, where you get to move around –it doesn’t matter which.
    any one where you get to try and drive the teachers spare.
    the Arts, English, or Music.
  • 6
    Uh oh. You’ve been dozing in class, and have been suddenly asked a question. You have only the vaguest guess about the topic, and no idea of the specific information required. You:
    explain that you were concentrating, really you were, but you just had such a good idea . . .
    confess that you weren’t listening, and promise to pay more attention in future.
    give it your best guess. If it doesn’t work, claim you misunderstood the question.
    come up with something vague enough to cover all the bases, and narrow it down once the teacher supplies more information. If that fails, give a smart answer.
  • 7
    It’s quiet recreation hour. You:
    start working on your latest idea or invention.
    read the Book of Rassilon in a corner.
    do something active.
    use the time to make sure everything is in place for the prank you’re planning.
  • 8
    Lunch-break! You sit:
    with your closest friends and fellow trouble-makers.
    wherever. It doesn’t matter, as long as you can keep your back to the wall.
    alone. Hopefully, no one will notice you.
    with your fellow kindred spirits.
  • 9
    For Others tide, you would like to receive something:
    if you receive anything at all, it’s more than you expect.
  • 10
    Your friends are most likely to call you:
    you don’t have any friends.
  • 11
    Your enemies are most likely to call you:
  • 12
    You would prefer a job with:
    good pay, even if you don’t love it.
    average pay, with a job you know you can do well.
    someone offered you a job?
    poor pay, as long as you get to follow your dream.
  • 13
    Your dream home is:
    in the Panoptical –somewhere close to the action.
    somewhere you feel inspired, with beautiful views.
    with your family, until you feel confident enough to move out.
    where you can work uninterrupted –it doesn’t matter where.
  • 14
    You would rather be:
  • 15
    If you could be an animal for a day, you would choose a:
    fox, or something cunning.
    bird, or something free.
    changing into an animal sounds scary . . . let me think . . .
    wolf, or something strong.
  • 16
    In your view, Gallifrey is:
    . . . it just is. There’s nothing important outside Gallifrey.
    the recipient of your whole-hearted allegiance.
    the planet you live on.
    restricting and short-sighted.

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this is offensive i have gotten drome no matter what and omg i am a prydonian obvsly guyyyyyssss