What's your perfect job?

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Ever wondered what would be your perfect job? Take this test to see!

  • 1
    Of the below, what was/is your favourite school subject?
  • 2
    Would you work with blood?
    I would if it helped other people
    Sure. I wouldn't mind too much
    No! It freaks me out!
    Not unless I was played A LOT of money
  • 3
    Do you like kids?
    Kids are my life and my passion
    Kids are so cute!
    I don't mind them. From a distance
    Never. They scream too much
  • 4
    How work-orientated are you?
    I have such a good social life my work doesn't matter!
    I hate my job!
    My work = my life
    I love my job but it's not my life
  • 5
    How do you like to dress for work?
    Like I'm going out on the town!
    Grey suit
    In a white coat
  • 6
    How do you like to dress for going out?
    Man = suit Woman = dress
    Nicely but not overdone
    I don't like going out
    Like it's going to be the best night of my life!
  • 7
    What was your favourite after-school activity?
    Swimming or tennis
    Drama, dancing and singing
    Academic club
  • 8
    How's your financial situation?
    It could be better
    I'm fairly pleased with it
    I'm broke!
  • 9
    Your ideal vacation spot?
    Italy- cultural but exciting!
    South America- exotic!
    Hollywood- star-studded!
    New York- all the big businessmen got started there!
  • 10
    What's your favourite snack?
    A sandwich- simple and easy
    An apple
    Carrot sticks- their low-cal!
  • 11
    What's your favourite TV show?
    ER- the blood, the drama!
    TV is bad for your eyes!
    Dancing with the Stars- it's about celebrities! Need I say more?
    L.A. Confidential- it's so exciting!
  • 12
    Which clique were you in, in school?
    The normal
    The popular obviously!
    I don't believe in cliques. They cause fights and children should not fight!
    The smart people. We were not geeks!
  • 13
    What's your favourite colour?
  • 14
    What's your favourite ice-cream flavour?
    Rocky road
  • 15
    Did you like this quiz(stupid question but anyway!)?
    It was good
    It was OK
    It was terrible
    It was BRILLIANT!

Comments (13)


Unknown (06432)
4 days ago
I said I didn’t like blood... I got a doctor
Keba Leo (85801)
13 days ago
I got doctor, I really don't know what I want ,I want everything ,I wish these courses were a bit shorter than what they are ,my mom has high hopes for me to be a doctor and my doctors says I'm fit enough to be a doctor. I guess its my calling ,thou I don't like people ,and working with animals you need a special degree for a duration of several years.. Pfhwee
Dennis (16272)
113 days ago
I'm not gonna be a doctor
Metz (88492)
134 days ago
..to the people saying "they never wished to be a Doctor".
You know there are various Doctors in myriad subjects, in psychology, culture studies, and professors in Art .. right?
Metz (88492)
134 days ago
👑✨🌴🌅 ;) Celebrity

Sweet ! I always enjoyed movies, I did acting and modelling once before
Isha (67116)
256 days ago
This is crazy they dont have any logic behind it.....it showed a doctor for me but i dont even have biology as a subject and this is my last year of school....so no possibilities of a doctor.......i think they just randomly show jobs...
Gemma Brooks (83100)
283 days ago
How did this know I am gonna be a doctor? ??😄
Joanna Doe (70435)
381 days ago
A DOCTOR i want to be a photographer! Well i guess i wasnt expecting photographer to be one of the things on my list
Pamela Lee (27006)
452 days ago
doctor? nice but I'm stranded!!!💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊
... (63629)
456 days ago
Yay!!!!! I got celebrity!!!!! 👑 😝
Suicide (76861)
467 days ago
Nah But Great Test (:
Molly (86085)
494 days ago
I am NOT a doctor! I said that blood freaked my out!!! You should mention riding in what's your favourite after school activity. Riding is amazing and tuns of peaple love it.
Annmarie Elliott (20023)
678 days ago
That is a complement.