The What Are You Test Part 1: What's Your Social Status?

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This Is Only Part One.....

  • 1
    To Start Off... What Is Your Favourite Color?
    Black... Don't Look At Me.
  • 2
    What Do You Do On Sunday After noon?
    Do My Hair And Face.
    Eat, Go On The Internet, Stalk People.
    Maybe Go To Church Or Sleep In.
    Lay In Bed In A Dark Room Just Wondering When You Will Die.
    Read A Book Or Research Something.
  • 3
    What Store Is Your Favourite? (Out Of These)
    J C Penny's.
    American Eagle.
    Salvation Army.
    My Mom Buys All My Close.
  • 4
    What Is Your Favourite Animal?
    Bunny Rabbit!
    A Rock?
    Tigers, Wolves, Monkeys.
  • 5
    How Do You Like Your Eggs?
    Over Easy.
    Over Hard.
    Sunny Side Up!
  • 6
    If You Could Do ANYTHING What Would You Do?
    Go Back To The Middle Ages Then Fly To Pluto On A World War 2 Singing Monkey.
    Be A Really Rich Movie Star/Singer.
    Date The Hottest Guy In The World!
    Become President.
  • 7
    What Is Your Current Mood?
    Kind Of Happy But Not Too Happy.
    Depressed, Warn Out.
    Like Totally Happy! =)
    No Mood, Just Want To Eat Chocolate Covered Fish, But I Can't.........
  • 8
    What Kind Of Music Do You Like?
    Hip Hop, Pop What Ever Is Popular.
    Country, Pop, Rock, A Little Bit Of Everything.
    I Don't Like Music.
    Heavy Metal.
    The Music That My Phone Makes When I Poke It! *Pokes Phone*
  • 9
    Who Is Your Favourite Singer?
    Stop Asking Me These Pathetic Questions.
    I Told You I Don't Have One.
    Avril Levine (Spell Check) Jessica Simpson.
    My Cell Phone!
    Carrie Underwood, Michelle Branch, Who ever.
  • 10
    Who Is Avril Levine?
    A Singer That These People Seem To Be Calling Her A "Poser".
    My Favourite Singer!
    Just A Singer.
    Hitler's Grand Daughter. Sure She Acts Like A Poser, But She Really Wants To Rule The World! We Have To Stop Her!
    A Poser, I Don't Care Give Me My *&%#$^@ Results.
  • 11
    What Is A Poser?
    Not Me. Shut Up. You're Annoying.
    Avril Levine.
    Some One Who Says They're A Goth Or A Punk But They're Really A Prep.
    Avril Levine?
    I Don't Know!
  • 12
    What Do You Think Of Sharpie Minis?
    I LOVE THEM! <3 <3 <3
    They're A Miniature Sharpie.
    I Use Them A Lot.
    I Don't Know What That Is!
  • 13
    What Would You Do If You Saw A Stray Kitten Crying Alone In A Dark Alley?
    AWE! Take Him Home And Give Him Royal Treatment!
    Laugh At It Then Leave It.
    Hey Look! A Kitty!
    Pet It Then Leave.
  • 14
    What Kind Of Shampoo Do You Use?
    What Ever Kind I Feel Like.
    Radiant Red!
    What Ever Is In The Shower.
    The Really Expensive Kind.
    House Brand Shampoo.
  • 15
    This Is The Last Question... How Do You Feel?
    I Wonder What I'll Get..........
    Now I Will Go Do My Hair!