Zombie Outbreak Survival Quiz: The First Day and Bloody Night

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15 Questions - Developed by: Heath Weigle - Developed on: - 34.485 taken - User Rating: 3.96 of 5.0 - 102 Votes

Experience the first day of a zombie outbreak and follow through until a brutal overnight assault. Choose a path and discover your fate to see what kind of zombie slayer you truly are.

  • 1
    You wake up early in the morning. The first thing you do is…
    …leer at the alarm clock, hide under the sheets.
    …shave with a knife and check your ammo.
    …coffee… coffee…
    …get up, take a shower and get ready for work.
    …wonder why you even woke up. You went to bed half an hour ago.
  • 2
    Your cell phone is filled with missed calls and the TV is not working. Naturally, you…
    …call Mommy.
    …immediately check your Internet connection!
    …stare at the screen, checking every channel… again.
    …realize it’s quiet. A little too quiet.
    …check your messages and hit the TV for good measure.
  • 3
    Screeching wheels, CRASH! Outside, a woman is screaming. A dog barks. The first thing you do is…
    …open the vault, grab the heavy duffel bag with the barrel sticking out.
    …grab the phone and head for the door.
    …stumble to the door to find a nice quiet place... like Starbucks or Java Joe’s. (...coffee….)
    …web search “early zombie detection” and call an emergency conference chat.
    …peek through the blinds with the lights out.
  • 4
    Outside, you see the screaming woman being attacked by a ZOMBIE! And of course, you…
    …realize only a head shot will stop a zombie… and look for someone with a gun.
    …try to help the woman without offering yourself up as a meal.
    …hate how the Jones have their little domestic disputes right in front of the whole neighbourhood… is that Bill? He’s lost weight…
    …scream. Loudly. Time to go.
    …flip the safety OFF. It’s time to break “Betsy” in.
  • 5
    Just before the zombie bites the woman, ANOTHER ZOMBIE steps right in front of you! You immediately react by…
    …Did Bill just bite his wife?
    …shove the ghoul back and take off. It’s too dangerous here.
    …wet yourself and run away, screaming.
    …reloading, because you already brain-capped that sucker.
    …running away knowing how slow (and smelly) a zombie is.
  • 6
    The zombie suddenly collapses (damn decaying legs!) and you finish him off with a mailbox to the skull, killing your first zombie. Now what?
    Check for a wallet. What? He isn’t using it!
    POW! Just making sure.
    Keep the mailbox and keep moving.
    Shuffle to the car. Maybe now I can get some coffee.
    Rejoice! I am the mighty zombie slayer of Cottonwood Lane!
  • 7
    Things are bad here. Where are you going?
    Anywhere but here. Maybe Mom’s?
    The tree fort behind Bobby’s house. I’m sure his sister won’t mind.
    Where everybody else is going. They must know something.
    I have to check on my family first, in-laws last. Very last.
    Where the game is, my friend. Where the game is.
  • 8
    You come across a body of a cop on the street and…
    …wonder where your tax dollars are going. Ridiculous.
    …POW! Still making sure. Now check for ammo.
    …give it a wide berth as I pass it. They’re called undead for a reason.
    …leave it far behind. I’ve seen them get up before.
    …poke it with a stick and then try to reach the gun and slide it over.
  • 9
    A horde of zombies forces you to duck into a K-Mart, and since you’re here, you grab…
    …a toothpick. Got everything else I need.
    …a rifle, some bullets and canned food… maybe an Enquirer.
    …Wizard, Game Informer, Computer Digest… oh and supplies.
    …next week’s grocery list; a shower curtain, TV dinners, socks, coffee filters…
    …a fresh pair of underwear and then the knob to the backdoor exit.
  • 10
    There it is: your destination… and about four hundred zombies in front of it. Great. So now…
    …I need a new destination. With less death.
    …I have to find a way around them.
    …the fun begins.
    …we see how well my homemade chain-mail armour holds up.
  • 11
    Spotting a side door and a clear path, you make it inside, check provisions and see…
    …that the TV doesn’t work here either.
    …that it’s a good thing I brought something.
    …a Chinese take out menu… and nothing else.
    …exactly what I left here.
    …enough potato chips to feed a third-world nation.
  • 12
    It’s time to fortify. How?
    I miss my recliner.
    Cover windows and move furniture to block doors.
    Front door wide open. Come on in, fells. Open house.
    The zombie survival guide states on page 47 that I should…
    I need more boards!
  • 13
    You’re getting tired and need some sleep. Got a plan?
    If I could stay up 49 hours for Lord of the Rings…
    They don’t sleep. I don’t sleep.
    The closet only looks uncomfortable and well, it is.
    Sleep with a gun and try to keep it pointed away from my toes.
  • 14
    CRACK! THUD! The zombies have broken in! Quickly, you…
    …cross my fingers and really hope nothing bad happens.
    …rush to the back-up escape route. Always be prepared.
    …mutter, “Five more minutes…,” then go back to sleep.
    …seven, POW!, eight, POW!, nine….
    …stand fast for battle. If I’m going down, they’re coming with me.
  • 15
    The horror of the blood-stained night is washed away by the morning sun as you stand there holding…
    …a victory cigar between my teeth and hoping there’s more out there.
    …myself up against the wall. Long night, bad day.
    …my lucky twenty-sided dice. Oh yeah.
    …my breath and one eye open… Is it over?
    …an empty coffee cup and a powerful need to fill it. Coffee…..

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