Does he want to be more than friends?

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This is a quiz designed to tell if your classmate or co-worker wants to be more than friends with you.

  • 1
    During the day at school/work, he walks past you and
    Yells out your name and waves or says "hey".
    Starts whispering to a bunch of his friends that are around him when he sees you coming.
    Looks at you and nods his head or waves at you in passing.
    Smiles and reaches out to touch you or makes eye contact with you with a smile.
    Seems to not even notice you sometimes or ignores you, maybe even looks the other way.
  • 2
    You don't have a ride to school/work and your guy friend lives out of town and doesn't even drive on your side of town on his way to school/work. Would he
    Say "That sucks, well I'll see you the day after tomorrow".
    Act like he didn't hear you.
    Sigh and say that he can pick you up, but he's going to need some gas money.
    Suggest you ask someone else who lives closer to you, and he tells you some people who live by you.
    Offer to pick you up, even though it is out of his way, and doesn't ask you for any gas money.
  • 3
    You went shopping and spent all of your lunch money. Your guy friend is going to lunch at a local fast food restaurant and he knows you don't have the cash to go. Would he?
    Offer to take you out to lunch tell you that you don't have to pay him back.
    Act like he doesn't even know that you are going to lunch at the same time as him.
    Offer to take you out to lunch, but you have to take him out next week.
    Tell you that you can go with him, and he will buy you lunch, and then make a move on you while you are in the car.
    Offer to lend you some money, but you have to pay it back next week.
  • 4
    You casually, half joking and totally serious, bring up if the two of you were to date, his mother would not like it (for some reason or another - just to get his reaction). He says to you
    Oh no she wouldn't. She and my dad were the same way as we are.
    Nothing. Pure silence.
    What? Well, she doesn't have to worry about that.
    He laughs it off and shakes his head as if to say no.
    Yeah, your right, she would have a fit!
  • 5
    It's raining out side and you parked in the back of the parking lot, but your guy friend parked right by the doors. When you mention that you had to park far out, he
    Tells you don't melt (sugar melts in the rain).
    Offers to drive you to your car.
    Says good thing its just drizzling.
    Says "Oh man, you're going to get wet".
    Offers you his umbrella.
  • 6
    When the two of you are alone together talking he
    Stares at your chest, or lips, or some other body part.
    Talks about school/work and nervously searches for things to talk about with you.
    Is busy looking around at the people around you, and has to ask you to repeat yourself.
    Talks all about himself.
    Tries to tell you all about himself and learn all about you, all the while looking in your eyes.
  • 7
    When he talks to you about his family, he
    Always points out the ways that you would fit in with his family.
    Always points out the ways that you would not fit with his family.
    Talks about how much he can't stand them.
    Doesn't talk about his family with you.
    Always changes the subject after talking about family for a short time.
  • 8
    You are walking behind him on your way into the school/office, when he approaches the door, he
    Opens it and walks in and lets it close behind him.
    Opens it walks in and holds it open for you.
    Opens it, walks in tells you to come on while he holds it open.
    Waits for you to open it.
    Opens it and holds it open for you and walks in behind you.
  • 9
    What do you know about his finances?
    You know he is always broke.
    I know he gets a pay check and he has a cell phone bill and a car payment.
    You know how much he spends a week, how much he makes, how much his parents make and you know all of his bills.
    You know all of his bills.
    We don't talk about finances.
  • 10
    One morning he picks you up for school/work. When you get in the car he
    Where is the nearest gas station (this is his hint for gas money)?
    Hey, what's up? What did you do last night?
    Do you want to go get something to eat before we go to work/school?
    Says hurry up and get in, I'm running late.
    Says good morning, and hands you a bag of donut holes (or some other meal).