Driver 2 quiz

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A brief quiz on the plot of Reflections' video game Driver 2.

  • 1
    The story begins in Chicago in
    Red River Bar
    A bank
    A police station
    Red Rose Bar
  • 2
    When Tanner and Tobias Jones finally catch their first witness, the witness tells them that Caine kept his books in Chicago and what other city?
    Las Vegas
    London, the 5th city
  • 3
    When Tanner arrives back at his apartment after leaving the warehouse, what "surprise" awaits him?
    A huge dog
    Jericho, who punches him, steps on him, and flees out the fire escape.
  • 4
    The most infamous quote of the Driver series, "you'll wish you never met me", is said by what character?
    Rosanna Soto
    Tobias Jones
    Pink Lenny
    Soloman Caine
  • 5
    What does Tanner discover about Rosanna Soto after finding a clue in a car?
    Rosanna Soto is a ship
    Rosanna Soto is an animal
    Rosanna Soto does not exist
    Rosanna Soto left with Pink Lenny
  • 6
    Towards the end of Tanner's time in Havana, he chases Jericho and takes him into custody. They both go to Las Vegas after this. What deal is Tanner willing to make with Caine, Jericho's boss?
    He wants to trade Jericho for info. on killing Lenny
    He wants to trade Jericho for info. on finding Lenny
    He wants to just get rid of Jericho and return to Chicago ASAP.
  • 7
    In the pool hall, what important information does Tanner tell Jones?
    There is more between Caine and Vasquez than Lenny
    Caine needs Lenny more than Tanner.
    Jones needs to capture Lenny because Tanner blew his cover.
    Lenny is dead
  • 8
    In Rio, what does Jones tell Tanner?
    He tells Tanner to leave Rio because the cops know who he is
    He tells Tanner to give up on finding Lenny.
    We have to stop Lenny now because Vasquez has more men pulling into Chicago every day
  • 9
    What does Jericho say to Tanner that foreshadows an event in Driver 3?
    I will not let this happen
    Caine will not be happy
    I'll help you find Lenny
    I'll find you
  • 10
    What do Vasquez and Caine both share?
    The same Brazilian markings
    The same desire to get money
    The same hometown

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