What kind of guy do you go for?

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In general, what stereotype of boy are you attracted to?

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    So, your ideal guy, what is best feature:
    His laid back attitude
    The way he chooses his words, and sounds so clever all the time
    He makes me laugh all the time, and his flirtatiousness
    His chiselled muscles, he's got a hot body.
    His deep music or art, and his mysterious personality
  • 2
    On your first date, what is the ideal scenario:
    He plays the song he wrote for me
    Screw watching the stars, we dance and kiss and he makes me feel like the most beautiful woman alive.
    We might watch the stars if I suggest it, but he's happy to just chill back and spend time together,
    We watch the stars, and he lifts me up and carries me in his arms
    We watch the stars, and he shows me the constellations on his telescope. So neat!
  • 3
    How about his friends?
    Football players yeah!
    He doesn't have a lot of friends, he's a bit of a loner.
    They're all great, and so much fun.
    Kind of geeky, but I like them and they like me.
    A few guys off the track team, some academics, just a mixture of good guys
  • 4
    Which of the following guys would you be most likely to date:
    Assistant captain of the town's junior hockey team
    A man in a tool belt, what more can I say?
    My math tutor
    The guy that threw the paper airplane and hit my least favourite teacher
    The boy who plays at the café on Wednesday nights.
  • 5
    You've been dating him for a year, what's the best anniversary present:
    He paints me a beautiful picture or writes me a song.
    He buys me some flowers and some perfume or jewellery I'd pointed out.
    He builds me something himself and takes me out for the night.
    Something clever, that I probably would have never thought of mentioning to him, but is absolutely perfect.
    Dinner, and some bizarre gift that is adorable, plus a little something extra later on in the evening.
  • 6
    You're a couple, what is the buzz among the other girls about your status with him:
    " I bet her marks will go up now."
    I don't really know him...
    They're a good couple, I'm surprised he asked her out though he's not with girls much."
    "Aw that's cute, too bad he flirts with everyone."
    " Man, he is so good looking I am so jealous."
  • 7
    It's his birthday and you want him to take him somewhere important to him, where do you end up?
    At the field sitting on the bleachers.
    Somewhere scenic, he claims it gives him inspiration.
    His bedroom
    To his boat and out on the lake.
    The science centre or museum
  • 8
    Describe your -ideal- first kiss:
    We're chilling out casually and he plants it on unexpectedly.
    A wild party and he's pulled me into the corner.
    He studies my face and waits for the right moment, nothing is too rushed.
    We're listening to this amazing song and studying the words, he claims they suit me and then does it.
    It's raining, and the school has just moved on to the championship game, he runs up the bleachers and it happens.
  • 9
    How about the flirting:
    Deep and complimentary.
    Casual and friendly.
    Hilarious, sometimes dirty .
    Sophisticated and intelligent.
    It's playful and fun.
  • 10
    A few years have passed and you are madly in love, he proposes, how does it go:
    CLASSIC, down on one knee, on the bleachers where we had our first kiss.
    He asks in front of a bunch of people and I think it's a joke at first, but then he gets serious for once and it's ADORABLE!
    He asks me in poem form.
    He comes up with some clever way to present the ring.
    He asks me kind of suddenly, when we're just hanging out one night and pulls out the ring after I say yes.

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