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A quiz on the plot of Reflections Driver 3. Because the plot is a continuation of Driver 2, you should know about the basic plot of Driver 2 (see my Driver 2 quizzes). This quiz is 20 questions long.

  • 1
    What city is in the opening scene?
  • 2
    What happens in the opening scene?
    There is a shootout involving Jericho, Tanner, and police
    Tanner talks to Jones about a crime
    Jericho goes after Caine
  • 3
    Who officially fires the first shot (in another words, which character did you see first take a shot)?
    None of the above
  • 4
    Where does Tanner go after the shootout?
    The hospital
    Back to police headquarters
    Back to his apartment
  • 5
    Who is the first character that Tanner chases?
  • 6
    Where does Baccus say the car is at?
  • 7
    Who says "If you're not good enough, you're going to wish you were him"?
  • 8
    What does Calita want Tanner to do in order to get revenge on The Gator?
    Set explosives on the ship
    Steal his money
    Stop his shipment of cars
  • 9
    What happens after the scene where Tanner talks about The Gator?
    The scene shows Jericho driving away from a warehouse
    The scene shows Jericho entering an elevator and shooting him
    The scene shows Tanner getting ready to go undercover
  • 10
    What information did The Gator leave in an envelope?
    Whereabouts of Tanner and Jones
    A time and a location
    Whereabouts of Jericho because he is "unpredictable"
  • 11
    What does Tanner tell The Gator?
    If I came here to kill you, you'd be dead
    You cannot win
    I'm the police and I demand that you surrender to the law
  • 12
    When Tanner goes to the airport, what city is he flying to?
  • 13
    Who does he meet at the airport?
    An old friend
    Two other undercover police officers
  • 14
    Lomez tells Tanner a story about Carnot and The Bagman. Lomez thinks Carnot is also this.
    A cop
    A criminal
    A car
  • 15
    How does this story foreshadow what happens in the next scene involving Tanner getting beat up by Lomez and being tested by Calita?
    Lomez thinks the man in the story was a cop, and he feels the same way about Tanner
    Lomez feels Carnot in the story was a criminal, and he feels the same way about Tanner
    Lomez feels that Carnot was a car and that Tanner is plotting to steal Lomez's shipment of cars.
  • 16
    In the warehouse, what is the first thing that Jericho tells Tanner (hint: this is another example of foreshadowing. See my Driver 2 multiple choice quiz)?
    You will not get away with this
    You'll wish you never met me
    You're the cop and I'm the guy who said I'd find you
  • 17
    In Istanbul, Tanner chases and stops Calita. When they bring her in for questioning, what does she say about the cars?
    There are no cars
    They are already gone
    They have not yet shipped
  • 18
    In the last scene, Jericho is lying on the ground, briefly knocked out from the shootout.
    Tanner approaches him and threatens him one last time. After this, he walks away. What event, that shocked every Driver fan, happened next?
    Jericho dies
    Jericho rolls over, takes out his gun and shoots Tanner. Tanner is in the hospital in the very last scene
    Jones and Tanner are shot
  • 19
    What kind of ratings, for the most part, did this game receive from critics?
  • 20
    What is the last object shown in the very last scene?
    A hospital building
    A pulse monitor screen

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