Is Your Cat Obsessed with the Toilet?

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Does your cat hang around the toilet a little bit too much? Are you concerned for your precious kitty?

  • 1
    Your precious kitty is MISSING! However, you know where to look and usually find your kitty...
    Clawing at the curtains in the dining room.
    In the bathroom, staring at the toilet with wide eyes.
    Sleeping and purring in its kitty bed.
  • 2
    You are using the toilet. You are grunting and moaning (didn't get enough fibber and water). Where is your cat?
    Rubbing against my feet purring.
    Clawing my legs until my pants are in shreds.
    Staring at me impatiently, waiting for me to get done.
  • 3
    When you are not in the bathroom, what does your kitty usually love to do?
    Claw the furniture and swat at me with claws if I don't feed it on exact schedule.
    Cuddle upon my lap, purr, and lick my hands.
    Stare into the toilet and sometimes drink the water inside.
  • 4
    You go on vacation and the last place you sit before you leave is...the toilet. You return from vacation and find your kitty...
    Greeting you at the door.
    Has destroyed your house.
    Laying next to the toilet.
  • 5
    Your cat is very smart. What is the most amazing thing it can do?
    It can urinate and defecate in the toilet.
    It can turn the water on and off.
    It can turn Granny's prized quilt into itty bitty shreds in 2 seconds flat.
  • 6
    You bought your precious kitty an expensive self-cleaning litter box and you use only organic litter. How often do you have to clean the litter box?
    Never. Kitty uses the toilet. I put Kitty in litter box once and she hissed at me.
    Constantly. Kitty always uses it.
    Never. Kitty never uses it. Kitty goes poop and pee all over the floor.
  • 7
    Kitties have favorite spots they like to sleep. Where is your kitty's favorite sleeping spot?
    On my face.
    In her bed, on my bed, or on my lap.
    Next to the toilet.
  • 8
    You finished doing the Hershey Squirts in the toilet BUT you forgot to flush! Your cat...
    Is peeing in your favorite shoes.
    Is pawing at you trying to tell you something.
    Is meowing loudly telling you to flush so she can be with her toilet friend without it smelling like something died.
  • 9
    Your toilet is old. You are getting a new toilet installed. How does kitty react to the change?
    He claws at the workers and causes one to get several stitches.
    She stays out of the way and plays with her catnip mouse.
    He howls and meows. He misses his old friend.
  • 10
    You have wisely named your kitty...
    Little Terrorist

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