Does your crush like you back?

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Does your crush like you back?
Do you think your crush could become your next boyfriend? Not sure? Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    If you pass him in the hall how does he react?
    Him and his friends laugh at me
    He smiles at me a lot
    He is usually to busy to care
    He looks at me but doesnt say anything
    He comes up and talks to me
  • 2
    Does he even make eye contact with you?

    Yea sometimes, if hes not with his friends
    No I bet he doesnt even know I exist
    Nooo hes way too shy
    Ohh yeahes very flirtatious
    Yea but he looks away when I look at him.
  • 3
    Have you ever talked to him?

    No..but we do talk on IM
    Like I saidhes shy
    Only once in a while
    Yeswe talk a lot
    No not really
  • 4
    Does he blush when he sees you?

    Yea but he acts like nothing happened
    He doesnt care that Im around
    Not too often but he does blush at me
  • 5
    When hes talking to you where does he look?

    At me
    He looks at my whole face then into my eyes
    Around somewhere
    At my lips
  • 6
    Has he tried to run into in the halls?

    He usually avoids me
    Only sometimes
    He acts like he tries not to
  • 7
    Does he seem to be hanging out where you usually do?

    Yes Hes always there
    No like I said HE AVOIDS ME!
    Yesbut not always
  • 8
    Does he change his mood when your around?

    Yea...he usually gets really quiet or loud.
    No, he acts as if Im not there
    Hes too shy to do anything
  • 9
    Does he look at you from far away?
    He looks at me up close!
    Im not sure if its me or the girl next to me
  • 10
    Are you two closes?

    We are general acquaintances
    Yea I tell him everything!
    Not reallybut we do talk
  • 11
    How much do you like him on a scale of 1-10 (10 meaning a lot, 1 not so much)

    5-3 Not really anymore
    I guess I should give him up now?
    8-6 He means a lot to mebut hes just okay sometimes.
    9-10 I like him a lot!
    2-1 Hes not that great now that you think about it
  • 12
    Do you think that he likes you?

    Yes...I am certain now
    I think only has friends
    NO this quiz sure showed me that!
    Maybebut Im not sure. yet