Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

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  • 1
    Who got married?
    Will and Elizabeth
    Davy Jones and Calypso
    Jack and Scarlett
    Jack and Elizabeth
    Norrington and Elizabeth
  • 2
    Where were Barbossa and Elizabeth when they requested a ship and some men for a crew?
    Hong Kong
    Port Royal
  • 3
    In the beginning of the movie, what was Ragetti looking up at through the crack in the floor?
    the fat guys
    the beautiful Asian women
    under Elizabeth's dress
    Jack Sparrow
    he was looking to see where the map was
  • 4
    Who was Davy Jones in love with?
  • 5
    A man and a woman got married. What were they doing when the man proposed?
    arguing with Barbossa and Jack Sparrow
    arguing with Ragetti and Pintel
    sitting on a beach
    fighting other pirates
    sitting alone on the ship
  • 6
    How did Norrington die?
    He was sword fighting with a pirate and he got stabbed through the heart.
    Barbossa marooned him on the island like he did with Jack.
    Bootstrap Bill killed him because he helped Elizabeth and her crew escape.
    He was in a battle with the Black Pearl and he got hit with one of the Pearl's cannon balls.
    Elizabeth killed him because he tried to kill Will.
  • 7
    What two men were guarding the Dead Man's chest when Jack Sparrow came to take it?
    The chest wasn't being guarded by anyone.
    Davy Jones and Will Turner.
    the same two men that were guarding the dock in the first movie during Norrington's promotion.
    Bootstrap Bill and Will
    Will and Norrington.
  • 8
    Who married the couple?
    Davy Jones
    Jack Sparrow
  • 9
    Who caused the whirlpool.
    Calypso (she's a sea-nymph)
    Elizabeth (for backstabbing Calypso)
    Davy Jones (he was angry at Calypso)
    Circe (she tried to steal Davy Jones from Calypso)
  • 10
    Which crew was Elizabeth made captain of when she was in Singapore?
    the Singapore men
    Calypso's crew
    she made up her own crew
    Barbossa's men
    Sparrow's crew
  • 11
    What were Jack and Davy Jones doing while they were in the whirlpool?
    fighting over Calypso
    plotting a plan to kill Barbossa
    fighting over who would make a better captain
    trying to find Davy Jones' heart
    fighting each other with swords
  • 12
    In the beginning of the movie, Jack is hallucinating that clones of himself serve as his crew. Why does he shoot the first Jack that we see?
    the real Jack wanted the peanut
    he was touching the wheel of the Black Pearl
    he was wearing the real Jack's hat
    he was asking too many questions
    he tried to steal the real Jack's gun
  • 13
    When Jack gets rescued he asks, "Did no one come to save me just because they missed me", who was the first to raise their hand?
    Jack the monkey
    Mr. Gibbs
  • 14
    When Elizabeth and her crew were escaping, Elizabeth climbs backwards on the rope to try to get Norrington to come with her. What does Norrington do?
    someone kills him before he can even do anything
    he screams at her to go
    he shoots the rope so that it isn't attached to the boat he's on anymore
    he begins to climb after her
    that never happened!
  • 15
    What is Norrington's first name?

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