Class 101: A Guide To Zombie Survival

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This is a beginning course and is intended to affirm your understanding of the undead menace. So, with that said, let's begin!

  • 1
    What is a Zombie?
    A half-man, half-beast monster that roams the fields on a full moon.
    A pointy-eared man with a pitchfork.
    Your neighbor Stan.
    An immortal that drinks human blood.
    A dead person risen from the grave that eats human flesh.
  • 2
    How do you kill a zombie?
    Shoot spit balls at it.
    Shoot it with silver bullets.
    Destroy the brain.
    Burn it alive.
    Destroy the heart.
  • 3
    Is there a cure for Zombie-ism?
    Cure...? Who wants a cure?
    No. Once infected, there is no hope.
    Maybe. It all comes down to a genetic level.
    Yes. You can buy the antidote at Rite-Aid.
    Yes, but you have to remove the infected body part.
  • 4
    Is the infection lethal?
    Yes, but it has a 50% mortality rate.
    I don't know.
    Brains.... BRAINS!
    No. The infection does not kill off the infected.
    Yes. It has a 100% mortality rate.
  • 5
    Can zombies run?
    No. The infection cripples their coordination.
    Yes. All zombies are Olympic sprinters.
  • 6
    What causes the infection?
    The devil.
    Your mother.
    Witch doctors.
    A virus.
  • 7
    Can zombies talk?
    Yes. All national spelling bee finalists are zombies.
    Yes, but with a limited vocabulary.
    No. Zombies are to dumb to speak any language.
  • 8
    What is normally used to kill a zombie?
    Ash trays.
    Baseball bat.
  • 9
    Is this method correct?
    Heck yeah! It totally owns zombies!
    No. It is very ineffective.
    Yes. In all field tests it has proven to be superior.
  • 10
    Where is the stereo-typical place to hide during a zombie uprising?
    At home in a basement.
    A pub.
    Police station.
  • 11
    Is this method of survival effective?
    Yes. Hey, it worked in Dawn of the Dead.
    No. Almost everyone in a mall dies somehow.
    Yes. It is full of supplies that can make life easy.
  • 12
    Assuming you didn't hide in a mall, where would you hide?
    The moon.
    A super market.
    A military base.
    The country side.
  • 13
    How long does it take for a zombie to rot away?
    A millennia.
    3 to 5 years.
  • 14
    Do zombies have super-human strength?
    No. They are as strong as or weaker as they were when they lived.
    Yes. Zombies have been known to totally own Chuck Norris with no problem.
    Yes. Field test clearly show a zombie has advanced strength.
  • 15
    Do zombies feel pain?
    Yes. All zombies feel everything in their surroundings, including each other!
    Yes. Zombies can feel emotional pain.
    No. Zombies have no sense of touch.
  • 16
    Can zombies climb?
    Yes. All zombies are expert mountain climbers.
    No. They lack the hand-eye coordination.
    Yes, but not very well.
  • 17
    When turning a house into a fortress, what is the first thing one should do?
    Hide in the attic.
    Brick up the windows and doors.
    Hide in the basement.
    Run up stairs and destroy the stair case.
  • 18
    What is the best long range weapon to use against a zombie.
    Sling shot.
    Rock propelled gernade (R.P.G.)
    .22 rim fire rifle.
  • 19
    What is the best melee weapon to use against a zombie?
    A great sword.
    A shoe.
    A katana.
    A crowbar.
    A battle axe.
  • 20
    What kind of food should you have during an outbreak?
    Canned food.
    Energy bars.
    Lucky Charms.
    Trail Mix.
  • 21
    What drink should you always have?
    Bottled water.
    Chocolate milk.
  • 22
    What kind of transportation should you use during a zombie outbreak?
    A tank.
    A van.
    A car.
    A bicycle or a dirt bike.
    A pick-up truck.
  • 23
    What secondary weapon should you have?
    A combat knife.
    A sniper rifle.
    A pistol with a silencer.
    A chainsaw.
  • 24
    What do zombies eat?
    Your mom.
  • 25
    When will zombies attack?
    At any time. The threat is always there.
    When cows fly.
    In two weeks when Umbrella unleashes them.
  • 26
    How strong is a zombie bite?
    Just as strong as when it was alive.
    So strong it can bite through Chuck Norris' round house kick.
    Stronger than a sharks bite.
  • 27
    Can zombies swim?
    Yes, but not well.
    No. They lack the hand-eye coordination.
    Yes. All zombies are on the Olympic swimming team.
  • 28
    In a zombie outbreak, what will be the dominate life form on Earth?
  • 29
    Can animals become zombies?
    No. They die before they can turn.
    Yes. They eat tacos.
    Yes. Zombie animals are very real.
  • 30
    What is the best trait for a survivalist?

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