Gone With The Wind quiz

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These are questions from the movie and book.

  • 1
    What is Scarlett's maiden name?
  • 2
    Who was Scarlett's first husband?
    Gerald O'Hara
    Charles Hamilton
    Rhett Butler
    Kenneth Clifton
    Frank Kennedy
  • 3
    Who has Scarlett had a crush on all her life?
    she likes all guys
    Frank Kennedy
    Rhett Butler
    Ashley Wilkes
  • 4
    What is the name of the former slave of the O'Hara's that rescues Scarlett from the African American that is digging in her bosom for money?
    A slave didn't rescue her, Rhett did.
    Big Sam
  • 5
    How many children did Scarlett have in the book?
  • 6
    How many children did Scarlett have in the movie?
  • 7
    What is the name of Scarlett O'Hara's favorite child?
    Bonnie Blue Butler
    Wade Hamilton
    Lydia Kennedy
  • 8
    What is the name of the plantation that Scarlett was born on?
    Three Towers
    she was born in Atlanta
  • 9
    Why did Scarlett marry Charles?
    She wanted to hurt Melanie.
    Out of spite, since her crush married Charles' sister, Melanie.
    She was tired of being the County Bell, so she got married.
    She loved him.
    She wanted to go against her father's wishes.
  • 10
    Who spoiled Scarlett the most during her childhood?
    her father Gerald O'Hara
    Grandmother Robilard
    her sister Suellen
    her mother Ellen O'Hara
    Rhett Butler
  • 11
    When Rhett was in the Yankee prison, Scarlett wanted to go to him for money. What did she use for her dress in the book?
    window curtains
    bed curtains
    pieces of her old clothes
  • 12
    How did Gerald O'Hara die?
    He jumped the fence, drunk, on his horse and fell off.
    A Yankee soldier shot him.
    He was so depressed about the death of his wife Ellen, that he committed suicide.
    One of the free slaves killed him.
    He got old.
  • 13
    What is the name of the prostitute in Atlanta?
    Belle Wattling
    Suellen O'Hara
    Belle Butler
    Scarlett is the prostitute.
    Lydia Wattling
  • 14
    When Scarlett was married to Frank, what did she do to bring in more money?
    She was a prostitute.
    She sold pies.
    She bought two mills and ran them herself.
    She never married Frank.
    She was too pregnant to work.
  • 15
    What is Scarlett O'Hara's birth name?
    Katie Scarlett Robilard
    Scarlett Bonnie O'Hara
    Katie Scarlett O'Hara
    Scarlett Katie O'Hara
    Scarlett Ellen O'Hara
  • 16
    What is Scarlett's heritage?
  • 17
    What caused Scarlett's miscarriage?
    She killed the Yankee.
    She fell off the bed and landed on her stomach.
    She wore her corsets too tight.
    Rhett beat her.
    She fell down the stair in her/Rhett's mansion.
  • 18
    In the book, who was the only person that could console Rhett when Bonnie died?
  • 19
    How did Bonnie Blue Butler die?
    Rhett got drunk and killed her.
    The nurse let her suck pig fat too early, she got colic and died.
    She jumped a fence on her pony and fell off.
    She got smothered in her bed.
    Scarlett refused to breast feed her.
  • 20
    What does Scarlett finally realize in the very end of the book?
    The plantation she grew up on burned down.
    She realized that she truly loved Rhett and not Ashley.
    Ashley died.
    Ashley wanted to marry her.
    She has a family disease and she was about to die.

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Jean Bennie ( 04833 )
Posted 108 days ago
Belle Watling is spelt incorrectly in this quiz