How Much Do You Love Him? (Girls ONLY!)

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I know you LIKE that special someone... but are you actually in love? Or is that guy your soul mate? Or is he a dead end? Find out in this quiz made just for the desperate!

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    How long have you liked him?

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thisonegirl (63209)
68 days ago
Well iโ€™m in love with Jimin....
Nobody cares (21807)
73 days ago
about your
teresa (16684)
79 days ago
Okay. I like to know how old is everybody who takes this quiz. I am only ten years old and I am really talking about this??? I never love or like anybody. Like for real I feel like an ๐Ÿ’—!!!!!! I should have never ever take this quiz!!!!! But I am not blaming whoever make this. I am blaming myself for taking this quiz!!!!!!!!!!! So bye bye I am out of here!!!!!
Lynette (23411)
84 days ago
I love u Hercules. U ar dah luv of mi hart๐Ÿ’—
princess (75541)
85 days ago
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaattttttttteeeeeee yyyyyoooouuuurrrrrrrrrrr QUIZ :(
If you think you're in love, read this. (39238)
101 days ago
This was the funniest quiz I've ever taken. I take relationship and personality quizzes when I'm bored because my boyfriend has to travel for work sometimes for up to two weeks at a time and I had no idea this was a grade school quiz (but I guess I should have known by the "GIRLS ONLY!"). I live with my boyfriend, he takes care of me and my son, we have pets together and moved 1000 miles away from our home city. I had no idea how to answer these questions because although I'm 17, I'm not in a high school mentality and haven't been since the 9th grade because I have a 3 year old and can't be amusing these high school boys that will be in and out of my sons life.

But if I was in high/middle school and didn't have the "ready to settle down" mentality, I think the "it's just a crush" answer was pretty correct, and it probably always will be with this quiz cuz lemme tell you kiddies somethin:

You two aren't "en amore." Especially not in middle school. Maybe if y'all are juniors or seniors in highschool, but even then the whole high school sweet hearts thing is extremely unlikely in this day and age. You can like people, you can be in relationships (careful with the sex, though), and although you might feel like y'all are utterly in love... you aren't.

Y'all gotta be soooo careful with the L word, it will make break ups seem unbearable (you will get over it and you will move on). ALSO don't fall for the unrequited love bull๐Ÿ’—, if you "love" him but he has no idea or doesn't "love" you back... it's not love it is WORSHIP. It is NOT healthy and it is incredibly self destructive.

Seeing you guys in these comments saying "I love you ____ if only you knew" or "I love you so much ______" or "This quiz is wrong I know I love him" pains me so much. You guys really need to calm down and take time just practicing dating with kids your own age, having fun, figuring out your preferences, and mostly figuring out yourself. You guys are what? 12 or 13? Calm down. You aren't as mature as you think you are, you aren't ready for a serious long term relationship, your realationship wont last, and a mature boy in middle school is nonexistant, one in high school is like 1/200.

You might hear this from mom or dad and think they're wrong but they really are right. I didn't realize they were until I grew up as a person and moved out of their house so I made tons of mistakesa few years back. So if you don't wanna take it from someone 20+ years older than you, take it from someone like only 4 years older and fresh out of high school. Take it easy.

SIDE NOTE- You're so much more cringey than you think you are. I looked at my Facebook posts from 2011-2013 and it was the most gut wrenching, cringe worthy stuff I have ever seen... and I thought I was pretty mature.

Best of luck with your lil crush and be chill.
Whatshouldido (68250)
102 days ago
I have a crush on this guy (call him E) our parents to friends and I met him a couple of years ago when I was on holiday staying with him and his fam I really liked him E found out but I didn't like him I like him again but there r some problems
1. He lives halfway across the world
2. His dad controls his social media and he doesn't have a phone number
3. I can't tell anyone
He is my age and travels on his own he stayed with me and my family during the summer and came to a summer camp gig I was doing we seemed happy when we hung out but only when we were alone.
Please please please help me I don't know what to do
Pamtato (76663)
111 days ago
He likes me a lot and I like him a lot and my friend say we see goals sooo HELL YEAH!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
YouKnowWho (63935)
113 days ago
You have no idea how much you're messing with my head, Sayantam
Johanna (48980)
122 days ago
Just doubting id he's really the guy I love..or if it's love out of spite
??????Unkown? (33806)
124 days ago
Oh Rhys I love you so much if only you could see
it :(
Galina k (45107)
140 days ago
I took this test twice thinking about two different people and It seems like I have a CRUSH on Max...and Valentin.
Unknown (20765)
140 days ago
I get teased for likeing him but I can't help it whenever I see him it's like it's me and him no one else whenever I look at him I fall in love all over again but I'm to scared bc my fist relationship only lasted 1 hr bc he left me for another girl
Aphmau_Fan (00462)
141 days ago
See, people teased me about liking one of my friends, and so I took this. XD
hissyfit (66255)
161 days ago
i love u connor, you have no idea how much i want to say it..
Lassy (50757)
185 days ago
4 and 5 don't really have an answer that I can relate to can't they just be simple ones like yes.
Anabel (86120)
199 days ago
So it says "what a waste of *2 weeks*" and that reminds me when me and him dated for two weeks then he dumped me๐Ÿ˜ญ(I'm taking the quiz to see if I still like him which is silly bc ik i do)
Happy (76797)
232 days ago
When Aguy Loves You how Can You Know
angel (90008)
240 days ago
I'm in love, and he loves me back.
melody (00433)
263 days ago