Keiko the Orca Whale

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Try to answer all these questions about Keiko correctly. These questions are really easy, so don't worry!

  • 1
    Who was Keiko the whale?
    The whale that works with Shamu.
    Willy in the "Free Willy" movies
    A whale that saved an infant from drowning in 1982.
    Shamu's mate
    A whale that was considered a god by native american tribes.
  • 2
    When did Keiko die and what did he die from?
    July 19, 2006 from pneumonia
    December 12, 2003 from pneumonia
    October 30, 1998 from old age
    January 16, 2002 from being killed by whalers
    March 24, 1997 from dirty aquarium water
  • 3
    Where was Keiko when he died and how old was he?
    off the west coast of Canada, 30
    off the east coast of Sweden, 20
    in his own personal aquarium, 35
    the Taknes fjord in western Norway, 25
    the Taknes fjord in western Norway, 27
  • 4
    When was Keiko released from captivity?
    November 2000
    September 1999
    March 1998
    July 2002
    December 2003
  • 5
    What was Keiko's trademark characteristic?
    a bent over dorsal fin
    he had one brown eye and one blue eye
    he was missing his right flipper
    a scar beneath his left eye
    he was missing his left eye
  • 6
    When was Keiko captured from the wild?
    1976 when he was just 4 years old
    1980 when his mother was found dead
    1970 when he was 6 years old
    1962 when he was an inch from death
    1979 when he was only 2 years old
  • 7
    How long did it take to release Keiko back into the wild, and how much money did it cost?
    2 years, thousands
    8 years, hundreds
    3 years, millions
    6 years, it didn't cost a penny
    4 years, millions
  • 8
    What caused Keiko's trademark characteristic to be the way it was?
    a whaling accident
    not liking the captivity life
    bad conditions of his tank in Mexico City
    a health flaw that ran in his blood
  • 9
    What does Keiko mean in Japanese?
    famous one
    majestic one
    brave one
    fat one
    lucky one
  • 10
    Did Keiko ever go leave human companionship to be on his own in the wild?
    Yes, as soon as he was freed, he swam off into the sunset.
    He died right after he was freed.
    No, even thought he was returned into the wild, he stayed near humans

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