What's Your Soul Song?

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Deep, deep, deep, DEEP down inside you, you have a song in your soul. This song describes your life and plots your destiny. It is the very fiber of your being. What type of song lives inside of YOU?

  • 1
    Life is a...
    Thing that we do.
    Quest for romance.
    Golden opportunity to kill helpless, innocent beings.
  • 2
    What is the meaning of life?
    How the heck should I know?
  • 3
    What is your ideal career?
    A assassinate.
    A D.J. or backup dancer for a famous pop star.
    A housewife or husband.
    I don't really know... um... yeah.
    A McDonald's employee.
  • 4
    You see a lost, skinny, crying child on the streets. The child is clutching a ragged teddy bear and is dirty and cut-up. What do you do?
    I call my husband/wife and ask if we can adopt the child.
    I pull out my dagger and SMG and do business.
    I sit beside the child and offer, "Want to listen to my IPod?"
    I give the kid some food to fatten it up.
    I help the kid to the nearest hospital or doctor's office and wait with the kid until his parents are found.
  • 5
    Years later, you see the same child, all grown up, being offered cigarettes/alcohol by peers. You...
    I call my husband/wife and tell him/her that Junior is going to be in SO much TROUBLE...!
    What kid? I killed that kid when I saw him!
    I offer them all food or roll toward the peers and knock them over like bowling pins.
    I dance my way between the kid and the peers and sing about regrets and bad choices in a high falsetto or soprano.
    I step in and tell the peers to back off.
  • 6
    You see a person of the opposite gender coming toward you and winking/smiling flirtatiously at a party. What do you do?
    I talk to them and see if I like them.
    I throw food at them, screaming through a full mouth, "EAT OR BE EATEN!"
    I laugh and invite them to dance with me.
    I run and scream, "I'm married, idiot! HELP! HELP!"
    I take out my sniper, run off, crouch behind a potted plant, and fire mercilessly at everyone in the room.
  • 7
    What do you do in your free time?
    Kiss my significant other.
  • 8
    If you were a superhero/heroine, what would your name be?
    The Undefeated EATER
    I'd be a superVILLAIN named The Killer Cuda.
    The Dancer
  • 9
    I can't think of any more questions. Did you like this quiz?
    I'm hungry...
    I'll be back. With weapons. I did not like your quiz.
    It was lovely.
    Yeah, I guess it was OK.
  • 10
    See you later. Check out my other quizzes!
    Come to my party later!
    Sure. Bye.
    I'm STILL hungry... got any food?
    Whatever... hey, can I kill you later? (Me: NO.)

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