Pirates of the Caribbean real fan quiz

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You think you know about pirates of the Caribbean? Take this test and find out

  • 1
    Where does Zao Feng first appear?
    the native island
    Isla de la Muerte
    Aboard the black pearl
    Davy Jones locker
  • 2
    Why were the nine pieces of eight pieces of junk?
    Because they wanted to
    Because Calipso would only agree to give her powers if the items were to be common and unnoticed
    Because they wanted the nine pieces of eight to appear to be ordinary objects
    The original idea was to make them with coins but no pirate had a single penny
    They were not junk, they were sacred items to seal Calipso
  • 3
    How many years was Jack Sparrow supposed to be captain before settling his debt to Jones?
    10 years
    15 years
    13 years
    11 years
    9 years
  • 4
    When jack is in Davy Jones locker, what is it that he licks and throws away?
    His compass
    An egg
    A rock
    A stone crab
    A peanut
  • 5
    Jack wanted to be...
  • 6
    How was the dog left in an island in the second movie rescued?
    He was secretly aboard the Black Pearl.
    He swam to a near island.
    By sea turtles.
    He was taken in the flying Dutchman and became a monster dog
    By fishermen passing by.
  • 7
    What does "savvy" mean?
    "am I right?"
    "keep quiet"
    "shut up"
  • 8
    Who sings "Fifteen men on a death mans chest" in the beginning of the second movie?
    Elizabeth Swan
    A boy about to be executed
    Mr. Gibbs
    Jack Sparrow
  • 9
    What is Barbossa's first name?
  • 10
    Who established the pirate code?
    Jack and Elizabeth
    Tia Dalma and Davy Jones
    Morgan and Bartholomeo
    Barbossa and Zao Feng
    Davy Jones and Calipso
  • 11
    What did Barbossa gave to Jack before abandoning him on an island?
    A gun with one shot
    A pair of swords
    A bottle of rum
    A rope to attach it to sea turtles
  • 12
    What did the Flying Dutchman crew was saying before taking Will's heart out?
    "The ship always needs a captain"
    "You have set us free"
    "All together, never say we die"
    "You stab the heart and replace it with your own"
    "Part of the ship, part of the crew"
  • 13
    Why can't Cottom speak?
    His tongue was cut
    If he speaks, Davy Jones will find him
    He has a coin stuck on his throat
    He was cursed by Aztec gold
    Someone shot him in the tongue
  • 14
    Who killed Norrington?
    Davy Jones
    Lord Becket
    Elizabeth Swamm
    Jack Sparrow
  • 15
    Besides the Flying Dutchman, who was against the Pirates at the last battle?
    Angry civilians
    The marine
    Zao Feng's crew
    The army
    The eastern India Company
  • 16
    Jack Sparrow likes this less...
    The Black Pearl
    The sea
  • 17
    What were the needed words to free Calipso?
    Calipso! I set you free of your curse!
    Calipso! I release you from the curse that bounds you!
    Calipso! I release you so that you may rule again!
    Calipso! I release you from your human form!
    Calipso! I release you as your humble servant!
  • 18
    Say all the people that have been SEEN in the movies grabbing the sword that Will Turner gave to Norrington...
    Will, Norrington, a soldier of the eastern India company, Jack Sparrow
    Will, Norrington, Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones
    Will, Norrington, Elizabeth, Davy Jones, A soldier of the eastern India Company
    Will, Norrington, A soldier of the eastern India company, Elizabeth
    Will, Norrington, Davy Jones, a soldier of the eastern India company

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