Do Guys Like You? (For the 12-14 year old)

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Do you have guys drooling over you or are you just a wallflower?

  • 1
    About how many guy friends do you have?
    A few. I talk to them a lot, but they're not really FRIEND friends.
    Tons - I flirt with them ALL the time!
    I have a group of guys I like to hang out with sometimes.
    None. I'm pretty guy-shy.
  • 2
    A hot guy from your English class gives you 'the eye.' You:
    Give him a friendly smile.
    Quickly look away, but make a point of talking to him later.
    Glance back flirtatiously, and wink.
    Turn red and run the other way!
  • 3
    Have you ever been to the movies with a guy?
    You went with a few guys and some of your friends.
    Oh sure, but only as friends.
    Never. Not kidding.
    Well, DUH! You act like I've never been on a date!

  • 4
    True or False: My friends consider me a big flirt.
    Not exactly. I prefer guys as friends.
    If they said that, they'd be making fun of me. Big time.
    Totally! I never hear the end of it.
    Not a BIG flirt, but I do hit on guys when I'm in the mood.
  • 5
    You're doing a group project in history class and wind up with a bunch of guys. How do you deal?
    I crack jokes with them and goof off.
    I casually come up with ideas, make small talk, and flirt a little.
    I make up an excuse to go down to the nurse.
    I start up a conversation with them, and flirt endlessly with the cutest.
  • 6
    You're into this guy that's not in any of your classes at school. How do you let him know?
    You don't. Heck, you're almost afraid to LOOK at him!
    You find him in the lunch line and make small talk, but still act flirty.
    You walk up to his locker and start a flirty conversation.
    You tell a mutual friend you like him, and hope for the best.

  • 7
    You're crushing MAJORLY on a hot guy. How do you dress?
    You dress a little more girly than usual, but you depend more on personality than style to win him over.
    Sweet little skirts, cute tees, and sassy accessories. You want to be noticed, without looking slutty!
    Regular jeans and a hoodie, maybe a pair of cool earrings once in a while.
    You glam up your look a little bit, and take more time doing your hair. You want to spike his interest!
  • 8
    You trip on the stairs right in front of your crush! What do you do?
    Pull yourself together and RUN!
    You laugh and say, "Whoops."
    Laugh nonstop, and ask him to help you up.
    You start talking to him like it never happened.
  • 9
    You think guy friends are just as important as boyfriends.
    Absolutely. Maybe even better!
    They're equally important. You couldn't live without either!
    Well, maybe boyfriends are just a LITTLE bit better! But you still love your guy friends, too!
    Who can tell the difference? I don't have any male friends!

  • 10
    Boys tend to flirt with you nonstop. Right?
    Yes, of course!
    Um, no, that's ridiculous.
    I guess. Sometimes, at least.
    Well, if they're not one of your best friends, then maybe.

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Nicole ( 03430 )
Posted 2 days ago
I need a cute hot boy thats 11or 12
Chenice ( 57276 )
Posted 6 days ago
that was the hardest test ever
Sherine ( 10316 )
Posted 8 days ago
I saw cute mixed race boys on Wednesday this week
Ivy ( 36528 )
Posted 36 days ago
Well I don't the answer is lol that true if you ask me but it's fun to try it anyway thanks
Kajal ( 95323 )
Posted 40 days ago
Hey thanks for the quiz but I want the answer quick of this quiz please please please please I want the answer quick
tybris renaerts ( 30404 )
Posted 70 days ago
hey guys thank you i love this quiz.
Hacker ( 05823 )
Posted 106 days ago
I perfer shy boys most I love the cute blushes on the face of a boy
helen ( 34359 )
Posted 175 days ago
This is so disgusting why are even 12 year old boys and girls doing this [BEEP]?! Like dating and all that it makes me sick i cant be the only one who thinks this.
tybris renaerts ( 30404 )
Posted 176 days ago
what? guys do not like me! you are out of your mind. This quiz just said guys love me and if im single there's a guy out there who wants to date me. That is such a lie. Guys don't like me. They find me ugly and shy and don't even notice me so i don't get what you are talking about.
Michellina ( 56582 )
Posted 195 days ago
So it's this boy at my school right and one of my friends said that he dates the girl then breaks her heart should I date him or should I pick my first crush he is nice
Miya ( 42029 )
Posted 206 days ago
I will never get a boyfriend
skylar ( 27452 )
Posted 264 days ago
a boy likes me he asked me to be his girlfriend I said I am young is that the right answer for him?
Bailey ( 78047 )
Posted 269 days ago
i am not that shy at school but I do like a couple of boys the boys that my friends and I hangout with but don't know what to do and I have liked one of them fa whiles still don 't
ADDISON ( 50787 )
Posted 271 days ago
Yamini soni ( 08901 )
Posted 279 days ago
No one boy like i am very beautiful
Riley Isabel ( 44316 )
Posted 326 days ago
wow i cannot understand hahahaha
Victoria ( 56301 )
Posted 386 days ago
Mamo moyo and MolllyMOLLYTAZ - You should just go talk to him.Then when you have talked for awhile drop an occasional hint that you like him. After a few days give him bigger hints. If he still hasn't asked you out or given you any hints to you, you should definitely show the confident and ask him out. That couleaves help you in future relationships by showing your independent side. Good luck you two!
antonia ( 87616 )
Posted 412 days ago
i love cute guys that have fancy things
Dog lover ( 92742 )
Posted 416 days ago
It says I have too many guy friends and need to glam up a bit
Soooo I listen nothing gettin me out of sweatpants
maggie ( 54077 )
Posted 417 days ago
exactly how does this help me find boys again?