Sitcom Quiz Nr. 2: "Scrubs"

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well a Quiz about Scrubs

  • 1
    What does JD tell Turk, is Carla's middle Name?
  • 2
    Who plays "Air Bass" on the Sacred Heart Air Band?
    Snoop Dog resident
  • 3
    John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox) had a guest appearance on which show, and as who?
    Home Improvement / Tim's biggest enemy from College days that he ran into at a car show.
    Married... with Children / The Guy that owns the Clock Store Peggy worked at for a short Time
    Frasier / a plumber that bullied Niles when they were in High School
    Roseanne / Darlene's Basketball Coach that wouldn't let her play because she was menstruating
  • 4
    JD can see women who...?
    Are taller than him
    Wear wedding Rings
    Remind him of his mom
    Dumped him in college
  • 5
    The Name of Turks Mom is Margaret. The Same actress has a Lead role playing a Character Named Margaret on which show?
    The new Adventures of old Christine
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    3rd Rock from the Sun
  • 6
    Who's married to "Scrubs" creator Bill Lawrence in real Life?
    none of the above
    Christa Miller ( Jordan)
    Judy Reyes ( Carla)
    Sarah Chalke ( Elliot)
  • 7
    In the very first Episode, JD fantasises about having Kids with Elliot. What Sitcoms Living Room does the Fantasy take Place?
    Still Standing
    My Wife and Kids
    Malcolm in the Middle
    Married.. with Children
  • 8
    One of JD's countless Daydreams was a Star Wars parody. Who did Turk play?
    Han Solo
    Darth Vader
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • 9
    Which of the following Statements is false?
    Scrubs was originally going to air on CBS. CBS turned it down, NBC picked it up.
    Dr. Cox' ( John C. McGinley) trademark of calling JD by girl's Names is what McGinley does in real Life to his good Friend John Cusack
    Sam Lloyd ( Ted) is the Nephew of Christopher Lloyd ( Back to the Future)
    The Janitor never Talked to anybody other than JD for the entire first Season
  • 10
    Which of the following statements is false?
    JD and Elliot never dated
    The Janitor Character is based on the doorman from the Seinfeld Episode "The Doorman"
    The Hospital was named "Sacred Heart" after the school Christa Miller ( Jordan) went to
    In the Episode "My Hero" JD does not talk to nor share a Scene with either Turk, Elliot or Carla

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