Did You Ever Watch Moving Violations?

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  • 1
    What did Dana get a ticket for in the beginning?
    harassing the officers
    littering an apple on the street
    driving under the influence
  • 2
    Who's car was it that Deputy Halik totaled with his partner?
    Deputy Halik's
    the Chief's
  • 3
    What's so weird about Wink?
    He takes steroids
    He only has one eye
    He's obsessed with blood and gore
    He's so wide-eyed
  • 4
    What's Amy's job?
    rocket scientist
    hair cutter
  • 5
    What does the hypochondriac think about Doc Williams at first?
    He's extremely weird
    He's an actual pediatrician
    He needs a makeover
    He's hot
  • 6
    What's Dana's job?
    he works at a tree nursery
    rocket scientist
  • 7
    Who does Halik go out with to cheat on his partner?
    Amy [eww]
    the judge
    Mrs. Houk [ eww. I'm going to have nightmares.]
    the plaintiff
  • 8
    What does Dana do to win at arm-wrestling? [This scene is classic.]
    He kisses Halik, shocking him and loosening his grip
    he breaks Halik's arm
    he uses both hands
    he uses his leg instead
  • 9
    Who plays Dana Cannon?
    Tom Hanks
    Neal Israel
    Clint Eastwood
    John Murray
  • 10
    What does Halik's partner do to get back at him for cheating on her?
    She humiliates him in front of everyone
    She soaks his underwear in poison ivy
    She tips everyone off about he and the judge's plan
    She puts glue on the driver's seat of the police car
  • 11
    What disadvantage does Mrs. Houk have?
    She can't walk
    She's so blind
    She's deaf
    She's an insomniac
  • 12
    What was so unfair about the written part of the driving test?
    It was written in Hebrew
    It was impossible, and wasn't even on driving
    It only counted for 5% of their grade
    It was written in invisible ink
  • 13
    What was weird about Scott's girlfriend, Stephanie?
    She wore a wig, and she had a fake ID
    She's a circus person
    She's an undercover police officer
    She's an ax murderer
  • 14
    What happens to Scott when Stephanie is kissing him in bed?
    His Tourette's kicks in, starts twitching and saying random words
    He gets a nosebleed
    He breaks into a dance number
    Her dad comes in, tries to kill Scott
  • 15
    When everyone's studying, Dana notices that Scott and Stephanie have pierced ears. What does he say about that?
    "What the hell? Scott, what did you do?"
    "Very cool. Do they come with sizes?"
    "I am very disappointed."
    "How MTV of you kids."

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