How much do you know about the paranormal?

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read the title, well try my quiz to see if your a paranormal freak!

  • 1
    What happened at the Roswell Incident?
    Amy and John Roswell were in their car an unusual spaceship was spotted by them, threatening to abduct them. They escaped with the news of seeing actual aliens
    I don't believe the Roswell incident is real at all
    a craft with the name of the Roswell landed in Jersey a few years back. Many people were there to witness the event
    a supposed alien spaceship crashed at Roswell, New Mexico and upon clearing the debris and craft actual alien bodies were discovered
  • 2
    Which one of the below is NOT a characteristic that lets investigators know that the Crop Circle they are studying is most-likely authentic?
    The stalks of plants appear to be enlarged by much and are anomalous to normal growth patterns
    the circles are different and non-proportional to the rest of the image
    That the plants are not damaged
    Small quantities of unknown magnetic material are found in the crop circle's soil
    There are no tracks in the circle
  • 3
    What is the Bermuda Triangle?
    An imaginary island off the southeastern coast of the US that is the doom of many forms of transportation (also called Devil's Triangle)
    a triangle-shaped piece of metal that curses it's owners and can cause death
    an imaginary island off the northeastern coast of Australia that is the doom of many forms of transportation
  • 4
    What is it called when a person is taken over by a demon[s] and makes the person do stuff that is out of the normal?
    devil's work
  • 5
    What is divination?
    reading people's body parts and being able to tell their future of what they are feeling
    the act of foretelling future events of revealing occult knowledge by means of a supernatural agency
    looking into a crystal ball or some similar object to tell the future
    studying the name of the person until they can read their fate and learn about many other things
  • 6
    Which of the below is NOT a form of divination? (sorry, you might not know this, I understand if you don't)
  • 7
    What are the Easter Island Monuments?
    based on research, they are skillfully carved tall monuments that were created by humans but said to have been by aliens
    a series of 7 people standing on the island of Chile and are said to have been done paranormally
    big rock formations that are much too big for a human to have created!
    mysterious ancient heads known as moai that were found on an island of Chile, and are said to have been paranormally done
  • 8
    What does ESP stand for?
    extraterrestrial sensing powers
    extra sensible precipitation
    extrasensory perception
  • 9
    Where is the lochness monster supposedly seen?
    in a lake in Cairo, Egypt
    the Atlantic Ocean
    Lochness, Georgia
    at a lake in Scotland
  • 10
    Can all supernatural be proven to be true, false or something else?
    yes, with the right amount of time and the right equipment, maybe not all the supernatural but most of it
    I don't know
    no, it's already been proven to much and we would've had an answer by now

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Christy Jackson ( 8.173 )
Posted 341 days ago
On question 4 was about what is called when a demon takes over a body and does destructive things etc. . Your answers say it's called exorcism but I believe the correct answer is when someone's body is taken over its called being possessed