Are you more than friends?

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Yes, you've talked. Yeah, you smile at each other. Of course you do, you're friends after all! But could you be more than that?

  • 1
    So, you are friends. But how long has this friendship been going on?
    over a year
    6 months to a year
    Actually, I don't know him/her that well.... a couple of days?
    1-6 months
  • 2
    Is he/she your age?
    Not really, our ages are 5 or more years apart.
    I think so. At least they look my age.
    Yeah, pretty much
    Age doesn't really matter.
  • 3
    When you are with a group of friends, where is he/she in relation to you?
    Right next to you.
    Directly across from you.
    He/she doesn't have the same group of friends as me.
    A couple of people away, so you can see them but have to make an effort.
  • 4
    When he/she is taking pictures of you and your group of friends, how many of their pictures are of you?
    I'm in all the group pictures, maybe one or two of just me and one other person.
    Quite a few, some of which are with just him/her and me.
    Like I said, we don't really have the same friends.
    I'm in all of them. I'm just photogenic, what can I say?
  • 5
    Do you have any inside jokes?
    Haha! yeah, tons of them. When one of our friends says anything, we all burst out laughing.
    Yeah, there are a lot that are just between us.
    Yup, seems like every other word reminds either him or me of something, but sometimes my other friends don't know what I am laughing about.
    No, not yet.
  • 6
    When you hug:
    He/she holds on for a couple of extra seconds.
    He/she waits to hug you until last
    Uuuh... I don't.
    It's really friendly, kind of like a bear hug.
  • 7
    You agree on major things; education, money, political preferences...
    Not really, but it's more fun that way, it provides for interesting discussions.
    Mostly, but not on everything.
    Yeah, on EVERYTHING.... as if he/she changes his/her opinion to match mine.
    I'm not sure. We don't talk about that kind of thing.
  • 8
    How attractive physically is he/she?
    I think he/she is hott but my friends think I'm crazy.
    Very cute, but there's more to him/her than that.
    Extremely. He/she is the best looking girl/guy in school.
    Kind of a girl/guy next door look.
  • 9
    If you forget your lunch, he/she:
    Gives you $5 to go buy something.
    Get everybody you know to give you part of their lunch, and chips in a bag of chips.
    Doesn't know. We don't see/talk to each other during lunch.
    Shares half of his/her lunch with you.
  • 10
    The hallway between classes is very crowded. You are next to each other but don't realize it, and by accident you bump into them.
    We don't go to the same school OR you both say sorry and move on.
    He/she turns red, stutters a sorry, etc.
    You both say sorry, and continue to walk to class while having a conversation.
    You both say sorry and laugh it off.
  • 11
    The same scenario as before, only you are the only ones in the hallway.
    Looks flustered and doesn't know how to respond.
    Thinks it's just a game and proceeds to start a shoving match.
    Doesn't seem to mind, looks at you and smiles.
    He/she looks at you like you're crazy and doubles up speed to get away.
  • 12
    You tell your best friend you like this other person. They respond,
    "Aww, that's cute."
    "What? I like him/her too. I think he/she might like me back, sorry."
    "Who? I've never met him/her before."
    "Hahah! I would never have imagined that but you guys would be perfect together."
  • 13
    Do you want him/her to like you? Would you say yes if they asked you out?
    Yes / yes
    No / no
    Yes / maybe
    Maybe / maybe
  • 14
    How old are you?
    12 and under
  • 15
    Do you like him/her?
    I'm not sure
    Yeah, kind of

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