What style are YOU!

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Do you want to know if you are punk, goth, or heck even preppy? Then take my quiz!

  • 1
    What colors do you wear normally?
    black, gray, brown, dark colors
    the RAINBOW! I love all the colors
    PINK! I love Pink! Everything in my closet is Pink!
    white and bright colors!
    Neutral colors like blue and dark green
  • 2
    What kind of celebrity dude do you fall for?
    A punk rock dude like Pete Wentz or Patrick Stump
    Sporty dudes like Tony Hawk
    Gothic dudes like the dudes in My Chemical Romance
    Orlando Bloom cute and has an accent
    Stuntmen like Steve-O and Johnanny Knoxville
  • 3
    Who do hang out with at school or work?
    the punks who don't care of what people say about them
    The different and mysterious like me kind of goth type
    the laid back who don't care about anything
  • 4
    You daily look at your closet. Do you constantly ask your parents for new clothes and shoes?
    Maybe? I mean I kind of have style with my clothes
    Nah, I like my clothes with holes in them I look tough
    Duh! I need to be in style
  • 5
    What sport do you play?
    Football and soccer I play on a dudes team
    I don't play sports
    Cheerleading or the drill team
    UUUHH? Shopping!
  • 6
    A hot guy comes and asks you out. Whats your ideal picture of him?
    hats casual clothes and a skateboard
    dress shirt jeans and books
    Chains and black hair guy-liner and baggy pants
  • 7
    You see a pair of blue jeans in a store window. How much do they Co$t $$$$$$?
    $20-$50 From Ross or Dillards
    Only $5-19 Mostly WalMart Jeans
    Up to $1000 or less only designer jeans take the cut
  • 8
    Your family goes on a vacation to a beach. What do you wear?
    A shirt and and water trunks
    one piece swimsuit
    one of those one piece waterproof what surfers wear
    An ittsy bittsy tiniee winniee bikini
  • 9
    Your fashions accessories are usually..
    purses, earrings, rings,
    earrings, rings, and cute shoes
    chains, band-aids, maybe sunglasses
  • 10
    Your favorite designer is
    Dolche and cabana
  • 11
    When you first fell off your bike and cut your knee what was your first thought.
    First time you cant do it perfectly second you do it good
    Cool Blood! I gonna make more cuts
    This is too hard And I don't want scars on my body
  • 12
    If your parents forced you to be in a beauty pageant. What would you say?
    That's cool I love being B-E-A-utiful
    Oh no no no! I don't care about how I look.You can't make me!
    If you want to make me do it that's fine
  • 13
    What's your favorite movie?
    Blood and Gore like that movie called Misery
    Legally Blonde anything with reese witherspoon
    Harry Potter movies with fantasy and magic
  • 14
    You finally got your cell phone. What did you do with it?
    Calling, Texting, and downloading games
    I never got a cell phone
    Downloading games and ringtones my friends didn't have cells at that time
    Texting, texting.texting never calling
  • 15
    You style your hair....
    Curly, long and brown
    Long, Black, and in your face
    short, funky, and blonde or red
    Up to my shoulders with hats

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