Do you need a life (seriously)?

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Have you ever wondered if you really, REALLY need to get out of the house (basement, closet, lair, dungeon, whatever) and do something like normal people? If you have, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU! First of all, if you must take this quiz to find out if you need a life, there's your answer. (that means yes) Anyway, enjoy.

  • 1
    If you play an instrument, how much time do you spend practicing it?
    What's an instrument?
    Give or take, three-four hours a day. (twice if I"m lucky)
    An hour everyday.
    I do not play an instrument.
    At most, an hour every other day.
  • 2
    Do you spend all day looking at Chipmunk and peanut butter videos on YouTube?
    Not necessarily chipmunks and peanut butter, but I like videos.
    What's YouTube?
    Heck, I'm the one who posts them.
    Who told you? *looks around nervously*
    Now and then.
  • 3
    Which of these is the real Greta Garbo movie?
    Grande Hotel
    Queen Christina
    Super Space Adventures: Sleepover on Pluto with the Silent Film Gals
  • 4
    Would you spend three weeks staring at a door, waiting for five koosh balls to come in the mail?
    I do not have time for koosh balls. (Besides, they could kill you. *looks around* I think I saw one...)
    Heck, I'd wait three months.
    Yeah, maybe, but not a day over.
    Three days, four tops.
    That's a bit too long.
  • 5
    What's the longest amount of time you've ever spent at school?
    7:20 until five
    wuts skool
    start to dismissal
    7:20 until 3:00
    From 6:55am until 10:00pm
  • 6
    How many seconds is the Dramatic Chipmunk video on YouTube? (the original)
    5 seconds
    10 seconds
    1 minute
    7 seconds
  • 7
    Do you know who John Rhys-Davies originally tried out for in Lord of the Rings? (if so, what was the role?)
    Don't have time for 3 hr. long movies. Is this quiz done yet? I gotta go!
    He didn't want to be Gimli?
    yes-- he wanted to be Denethor, not Gimli
    yes-- it wasn't Gimli, wasn't it Saruman?
    No, I thought he was... you know what... I don't remember...
  • 8
    How many dolls did Mary Shaw have when she died (not including the human dummies)?
    What! Human dummies!
  • 9
    What's the best way to keep the Sims moods up in SIMS2?
    There's a code for that?
    boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
    boolProp testingMoodsEnabled true
    Give them what they want. Duh.
    I don't have time to play Sims. Everything takes so gosh-darn long to do.
  • 10
    How many email addresses do you have?
    1-- i can't keep track of more than one
    1 email, 1 myspace
    2 email, s 1myspace
    2 emails, and 2 myspaces
    5 emails, 2 myspaces, a profile on facebook, and several other usernames for GameTalk
  • 11
    If you've ever posted a video on YouTube, how many have you posted?
    I might have done one. Don't remember.
    I've done one for sure.
    every great once in a while
    1 daily. Mostly peanut butter or sims related.
    1 a week, usually.
  • 12
    How many books have YOU written?
    Never finished one.
    a few poems (when I should have been taking math notes)
    Only short stories, a few.
  • 13
    How long did it take you to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoemix?
    about a week, week and a half
    never finished it
    There's a book! I thought it was just a movie.
    1 day
    3 days
  • 14
    Which of these were two of the Shakespeare plays referenced in the movie "V for Vendetta"?
    I don't know. Macbeth, was one... I guess
    Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet
    Macbeth and Twelfth Night
    Um... didn't get to watch it all the way through...
    There were Shakespeare plays?
  • 15
    Which of these is a line from the song "The Phantom of the Opera" that never ended up in the finished version?
    I knew there was something but I can't think of it.
    I thought that was a movie, not a song.
    Beneath the stage, I know he's there. I sings with me and he's everywhere.
    Beneath the opera house, I know he's there. He's with me on the stage, he's everywhere.
    There were alternate lyrics?
  • 16
    Do you find an old German guy dancing to techno funny?
    Yeah, that's be funny.
    Weirdos. Nasty.
    Actually, I find it quite amusing.
    nicht sehr gut!
    I don't have time! God, this things not over yet!
  • 17
    Have you ever watched a friend chase geese in a suit? (the friend was in the suit, not the geese)
    WHAT! Why would... nevermind...
    Can't say I have.
    That only happened once! I swear.
    Yes, every other day. Crap, I said too much.
    Um... no... why would I?
  • 18
    What do you do when your bored?
    Find more quizzes?
    I'm not bored. This is fun.
    What, when I'm taking tests like these?
    Sleep. Like a normal person.
    Check my myspace.
  • 19
    How long do you spend in the shower?
    once a day for a half hour or so.
    about an hour, maybe 2, til i run out of hot water
    When a get a few minutes in between episodes of Robot Chicken.
    10 minutes
    Before I leave, when i get home, I smell bad from running everywhere.
  • 20
    Did you like this quiz?
    Yes, I just might take it again.
    It was amusing.
    It was okay. I've seen better.
    Crappy, sorta, eh...

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