What Breed Of Horse Are YOU?

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This is the most complete, accurate horse breed quiz around. Take it and see which of five horse breeds is the real you!

  • 1
    Easy one first...what's your favorite color out of the below choices?
    Dark Purple
    Navy Blue
    Hot Pink
    Bright Red
    Neon Green
  • 2
    What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
    Track & Field
    Soccer, Football, Basketball...etc.
    Hanging with my gang
  • 3
    How would you describe yourself?
    Spunky and outgoing. It's hard to label me.
    Calm and sensible. I am good at finding solutions to everyday problems.
    Mellow and laid back. I'm very intelligent and think things through.
    Active and organized. I tend to analyze things and sometimes over-commit myself.
    Energetic and optimistic. I know how to pump up the fun!
  • 4
    What's your style?
    Cool and casual. Nothing too fancy, but I do try to look nice.
    Comfy and clean. I wear whatever feels good that day.
    I only wear all the latest fashions. I like to be in style!
    Trendy and colorful. Some people call it retro-chic.
    Black clothes, with some funky jewelry and stuff thrown in.
  • 5
    When you get upset, what do you do?
    I usually get snappy and irritable. Stay out of my way!
    I go find somewhere quiet to think it through without causing an uproar.
    I tend to scream and yell at the person who upset me. Then I ignore them and go hang out with my other friends; I have plenty.
    I immediately call up my best friend, and tell her everything that happened. We plot revenge!
    I'm good at keeping my cool. It take something really bad to truly upset me.
  • 6
    What's your favorite school subject?
    Phys. Ed.
    Study Hall
    Music Appreciation
  • 7
    When the new semester starts, what's your top elective choice?
    Health & Fitness
    Peer Mediation
    Digital Photography
    Drama Club
  • 8
    It's Saturday night...where are you headed?
    I'm home, helping Mom with the chores.
    Girl's night out!
    I'm at home, watching the big game!
    Meeting my friends for a concert.
    Chilling out at home. Snacking on junk food, watching TV...
  • 9
    What would be your greatest accomplishment?
    Reaching a tough goal I set long ago.
    Being known for some great achievement.
    Not being afraid to stand out.
    Just living to the fullest.
    Helping someone in need.
  • 10
    What's your favorite food?
    Restaurant entrees; full, well-prepared meals.
    Exotic foods. Sushi and es cargo; yum!
    Energy drinks and protein bars! Food on the go.
    Salads and sandwiches. Simple meals.
    Mac & Cheese and hot dogs; all-American food!
  • 11
    When you meet someone new, you...
    Welcome them openly, but don't make a strong attempt to get to know them.
    Are eager to get to know them more, but don't always get along with them at first.
    Welcome them with a friendly smile and offer to show them around.
    Size them up from a distance, and let them introduce themselves.
    Judge by outer appearances first, then try to learn more about them.
  • 12
    What's your dream vacation?
    Road trip all around the country!
    Somewhere interesting, with a strong culture and plenty of sightseeing opportunities.
    Somewhere in the country. Quiet, peaceful...
    Somewhere elegant, but with a history; England sounds nice.
    I don'tgo on vacation. I'm happy at home.
  • 13
    OK, I have to ask...what's your dream horse?
    A strong, elegant stallion, with spirit and pride.
    A dependable companion; he'll follow me anywhere.
    Something colorful. I want to stand out!
    Something different. Maybe a Horse...
    A flashy show ring winner who's willing to please.
  • 14
    Choose a favorite movie.
    "The Black Stallion"
    "Racing Stripes"
    "Black Beauty"
    "National Velvet"
  • 15
    How do you rate this quiz?
    Wow, that was pretty neat. Wonder what I got...?
    Sure. It was fun.
    Wow that was great! Let's do that again!
    Ya, sure. Can I go now?
    Whatever. Good way to kill a few minutes.

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