What Breed Of Horse Are YOU?

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This is the most complete, accurate horse breed quiz around. Take it and see which of five horse breeds is the real you!

  • 1
    Easy one first...what's your favorite color out of the below choices?
    Neon Green
    Navy Blue
    Dark Purple
    Hot Pink
    Bright Red
  • 2
    What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
    Track & Field
    Hanging with my gang
    Soccer, Football, Basketball...etc.
  • 3
    How would you describe yourself?
    Active and organized. I tend to analyze things and sometimes over-commit myself.
    Spunky and outgoing. It's hard to label me.
    Mellow and laid back. I'm very intelligent and think things through.
    Calm and sensible. I am good at finding solutions to everyday problems.
    Energetic and optimistic. I know how to pump up the fun!
  • 4
    What's your style?
    Black clothes, with some funky jewelry and stuff thrown in.
    I only wear all the latest fashions. I like to be in style!
    Trendy and colorful. Some people call it retro-chic.
    Comfy and clean. I wear whatever feels good that day.
    Cool and casual. Nothing too fancy, but I do try to look nice.
  • 5
    When you get upset, what do you do?
    I usually get snappy and irritable. Stay out of my way!
    I'm good at keeping my cool. It take something really bad to truly upset me.
    I go find somewhere quiet to think it through without causing an uproar.
    I immediately call up my best friend, and tell her everything that happened. We plot revenge!
    I tend to scream and yell at the person who upset me. Then I ignore them and go hang out with my other friends; I have plenty.
  • 6
    What's your favorite school subject?
    Phys. Ed.
    Music Appreciation
    Study Hall
  • 7
    When the new semester starts, what's your top elective choice?
    Health & Fitness
    Drama Club
    Peer Mediation
    Digital Photography
  • 8
    It's Saturday night...where are you headed?
    Girl's night out!
    Chilling out at home. Snacking on junk food, watching TV...
    I'm home, helping Mom with the chores.
    I'm at home, watching the big game!
    Meeting my friends for a concert.
  • 9
    What would be your greatest accomplishment?
    Just living to the fullest.
    Reaching a tough goal I set long ago.
    Not being afraid to stand out.
    Being known for some great achievement.
    Helping someone in need.
  • 10
    What's your favorite food?
    Exotic foods. Sushi and es cargo; yum!
    Salads and sandwiches. Simple meals.
    Restaurant entrees; full, well-prepared meals.
    Energy drinks and protein bars! Food on the go.
    Mac & Cheese and hot dogs; all-American food!
  • 11
    When you meet someone new, you...
    Welcome them with a friendly smile and offer to show them around.
    Are eager to get to know them more, but don't always get along with them at first.
    Welcome them openly, but don't make a strong attempt to get to know them.
    Judge by outer appearances first, then try to learn more about them.
    Size them up from a distance, and let them introduce themselves.
  • 12
    What's your dream vacation?
    Somewhere in the country. Quiet, peaceful...
    Somewhere interesting, with a strong culture and plenty of sightseeing opportunities.
    Road trip all around the country!
    I don'tgo on vacation. I'm happy at home.
    Somewhere elegant, but with a history; England sounds nice.
  • 13
    OK, I have to ask...what's your dream horse?
    Something different. Maybe a Horse...
    A flashy show ring winner who's willing to please.
    A dependable companion; he'll follow me anywhere.
    Something colorful. I want to stand out!
    A strong, elegant stallion, with spirit and pride.
  • 14
    Choose a favorite movie.
    "National Velvet"
    "Black Beauty"
    "Racing Stripes"
    "The Black Stallion"
  • 15
    How do you rate this quiz?
    Ya, sure. Can I go now?
    Wow that was great! Let's do that again!
    Whatever. Good way to kill a few minutes.
    Sure. It was fun.
    Wow, that was pretty neat. Wonder what I got...?