Harry Potter Book 5 quiz!

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How well do you know Harry Potter AND THE Order of Phoenix! (medium/hard)

  • 1
    Who was the First person to receive a Calming Draught from Madame Pomfrey (for nervousness due to impending O.W.L.s.)?
    Hermione Granger
    Hannah Abbott
    Pavarti Patil
  • 2
    Who were the Hufflepuff perfects?
    Alicia Spinnet and Anthony Goldstein
    Hannah Abbott and Ernie Macmillan
    Ernie Macimillan and Romilda Vane
    Adalbert Waffling and Hannah Abbott
  • 3
    Who does Kreacher live with, (when he misunderstood Sirus, when he told him to get out!) and tells them about the Order of Phoenix?
    Bellatrix Lestrange
    Emmaline Vance
    The Malfoy's
  • 4
    There is no shame in what you're feeling. Harry.......On the contrary,....the fact that you can feel pain like this is your greatest strength."
    Professor McGonagall
    Professor Lupin
    Mrs. Weasley
  • 5
    This spell is Used to seal a door
  • 6
    How is the daughter of Madame Edgecombe? She is also the best friend of Cho Chang.
    Marietta Edgecombe
    Penelope Edgecombe
    Susan Edgecombe
    Millicent Edgecombe
  • 7
    Who warns harry and his "class" (Dumbledore's Army) Umbridge is coming?
    the marauder's map
    no one
  • 8
    What are Skiving Snackboxes?
    sweets that make you ill so you can get out of class
    they can make you hear things from far away without anyone noticing
  • 9
    What does Bubbadox Powder cause?
    nose bleeds
  • 10
    Who sent the Howler to Petunia in the beginning of the book?
    Lily Potter
    Sirius Black
    James Potter

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