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10 Questions - Developed by: me - Developed on: - 1.999 taken

Take this quiz to see if you know who invented the things that we take for granted every day. Have fun!

  • 1
    Who invented the toaster that we use today?
    Edwin H. Armstrong
    Charles Babbage
    Charles Strite
    Joseph Aspdin
  • 2
    Who invented the waterbed?
    Donat Banki
    John Bardeen
    Armen Firman
    Tim Berners-lee
    Neil Arnott
  • 3
    Who invented the snowmobile?
    John Moses Browning
    Louis Braille
    Joseph-Armand Bombardier
    Nils Bohlin
    Seth Boyden
  • 4
    Who invented paper?
    Abbas Ibn Firnas
    C'ai Lun
    Lloyd Groff Copeman
    Marvin Camras
    William Cullen
  • 5
    Who created the electric stove?
    Lloyd Groff Copeman
    Cornelis Corneliszoon
    Glenn Curtiss
    Josephine Cochran
    Holger Crafoord
  • 6
    Who invented the refrigerator?
    Jacob Davis
    William Cullen
    George Eastman
    John Ericsson
    Edmund Davy
  • 7
    Who invented Aspirin?
    Scott A. Jones
    Felix Hoffmann
    Dean Kamen
    Ivan Knunyants
    Elias Howe
  • 8
    Who invented shampoo?
    Samuel P. Langley
    Ma Jun
    Arnold O. Beckman
    Ammar Ibn Ali Al-Mawsili
  • 9
    Who invented the rubber band?
    Erno Rubik
    Stephan Perry
    James Leonard Plimpton
    Adolf Sax
    Karl von Reichenbach
  • 10
    Who invented the alkaline-battery?
    Yoshiro Nakamatsu
    Karl Benz
    Barnes Wallis
    Lewis Urry
    Simon Sunatori

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