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  • 1
    You see a 100 dollar bill in the road, and a car's coming. What do you do?
    Pellet the car with grapes
    Wait for the car to pass, and then get the money
    I like money
  • 2
    You see a robber robbing your house. What do you do?
    Tie my shoe
    Call 911
    Bite off his/her arm then fart on him/her
  • 3
    You have to take ballerina lessons. what do you do?
    Pretty barbie ballerina
    you ask if you could try tap lessons
    Burn the tutus
  • 4
    You find a golden ticket in a candy bar. What do you do?
    Shake your butt!
    Freak out and smash whatever comes to sight
    Keep it
  • 5
    You get a huge bucket of baked beans dumped on your head what do you do?
    beans make me fart.
    go take a shower and change clothes
    wipe off with my underwear
  • 6
    You were watching Dora the Explorer, and your little brother changes the channel.What do you do?
    Tie him to the kitchen chair and make him watch Dora, and eat green beans
    Tell him the remote was broken, so I could not change the channel.
    Remotes make me puke
  • 7
    You got a job at the movie theater, and you were buttering popcorn for someone and the butter squirts in your face. What do you do?
    Lick it off of your mouth, and accuse the customer for doing it.
    Laugh and wipe it off, pretending that nothing happened
  • 8
    You handcuff the police officer while you are sleepwalking, and you go to jail for it. What do you do?
    Tell the officer that you were sleepwalking, and then, call your parents
    Handcuffs are shiny!:)
    tell the police officer to let you go or else you will call the navy on him
  • 9
    Are you a fun-lover?
    I love my llama
    As long as there is trips to the hospital, BOO-YEAH!
  • 10
    How did you like my quiz?
    pretty pony:)
    Its cool, I guess...