What Warrior Cat Would You Be?

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In this quiz you will find out what warrior cat you are. You may be surprised... But then again, you might not be!

  • 1
    You are a warrior cat and are out hunting. You see an enemy cat in your territory. You...
    Race over to it and kill it quickly, now it won't bother you again.
    Race back to the clan and tell them that an enemy cat is in the territory.
    Calmly approach it and criticize it for entering your territory. You give them a warning first. Then attack.
    Watch it from a distance until you have discovered its intentions. Then, depending... You fight it, or let it go.
    Hide in the undergrowth and hope it does not see you. You let it leave in peace. What harm can it do?
  • 2
    You are being mentored by a very respected warrior. He says that you are too loud and needs to work on your hunting skills. You...
    Feel angry inside, but agree to try better next time.
    Duck your head and accept that, promising to do better next time.
    Turns the whole thing into a joke. Of course he did not mean it!
    Growl at your mentor and tell them that they have no right criticizing you!
    Instantly begin hunting beautifully to show your mentor that you are not what he says!
  • 3
    You broke the warrior code. When your leader asks you where you where and what you where doing you...
    Lie! How dare your leader question your loyalty!
    Tell the entire truth! Your leader should know what you did!
    Lie, and force yourself not to worry about it!
    Tell part of the truth... Leaving out some parts...
    Lie, but tell the truth to a trusted friend many years later.
  • 4
    How loyal are you?
    I am loyal to only my followers!
    Extremely loyal! The clan comes first!
    I am loyal... But sometimes I must lie...
    I am loyal, unless I have a good reason not to be.
    I am loyal to my clan... Almost always.
  • 5
    What is your favorite color?
  • 6
    You are...
    Loyal, honest, brave, kind
    Funny, exiting, trustworthy, smart
    Swift, quick, smart, brave
    Gentle, kind, willing, loyal
    Daring, brave, cold, strong
  • 7
    What you love about living in the clans are...
    Giving good advice
    Hunting With clan friends
    Defending Your clan
    Training Apprentices
  • 8
    More than anything you would like to...
    Become leader
    Serve well
    Help the leader in many ways
    Live a happy life
    Make your clan happy
  • 9
    There is a new litter of kits. One of them looks like your arch enemy. You...
    Feel slightly nervous, but know that the kit has nothing to do with the enemy.
    Don't notice a resemblance
    Plan to kill the kit.
    Don't care. The kit is not your enemy!
    Dare not look at the kit.
  • 10
    If your leader where in danger you would...
    Defend her with your life without a second thought.
    Decide not to interfere.
    Consider it until the last minuet. Then you defend her.
    Hesitate but then defend her with your life.
    Defend her with most of your life.

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