The Are You a Clueless Houseguest Test

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This is a short-ish quiz to see if you have the slightest idea how to behave when you go visiting your friends and family.

  • 1
    You have been invited over a friend or family's place where you know they wish for guests to remove their footwear upon entering. The reason for this is unknown to you. When you get there you realize that you're wearing complicated shoes. What will you do?
    Decide since the weather is ok and your shoes are new, clean, and hard to remove; it really should be ok to leave them on.
    Ask the host if you can leave the shoes on since they are new, clean, and hard to get on and off.
    Remove them but make a comment that it might take a few minutes to get all the buckles etc.
  • 2
    You've just arrived at your host's home and are really tired and hungry. Lucky for you, your host makes three times what you do and always has lots of yummy food in the cabinet. Annoyingly, they will be late to greet you, but left the key with a neighbor so you can at least wait inside. What do you do?
    Get yourself a glass of water and wait for your host. No one ever died from waiting a bit!
    Figure since you are an invited guest and starving that you should at least be able to have a snack.
    Help yourself to whatever is there because you know your host makes enough money to replace it - geez!
  • 3
    Your host arrives home and, feeling bad you had to wait, suggests that you both just go out for dinner instead of waiting even longer to make something at home. You both choose a local "chain" restaurant and order an entree and drink. Your host doesn't specify who is to pay. When the bill comes you...
    offer to pay the whole bill, but both settle on splitting it 50-50.
    pay for the exact amount that your order came to plus half of the tip.
    figure that since you are their guest and have just spent all that money to get there it's only fair that they pay the whole bill.
  • 4
    Time to catch up on gossip! Since you both don't get to chat that much this could end up taking hours. In the thick of a great story from your host your cell phone goes off with the ring you know is from your best friend. Since it's a bit late you figure it's probably important so you...
    Answer the phone after a quick "sorry!" to your host; you know this is an important call.
    Ignore the call for now. You can always check the message later and call the person first thing tomorrow.
    Let your host wrap up her story and then excuse yourself to check the message and possibly call the person back.
  • 5
    After a couple hours of catching up both of you are getting tired. In fact you notice your host doesn't seem to be paying attention to what you are saying now. You think about what you've been saying and realize that...
    at times tonight you've noticed yourself bragging or cutting your host off, but, hey, sometimes they do the same to you.
    you've both had lots of cool things to say and stories to tell and now you're both just wearing out.
    every time your host mentions something cool they've done you manage to "one up" them and direct the conversation back to you and your life.
  • 6
    It's time for showers and getting ready for bed. Your host offers you fresh towels and first dibs on the bathroom. You decide to sneak a peek in the cabinet and find all sorts of fancy soaps and other cool stuff. So you...
    ask if you can try one of the expensive things though know deep down you're kind of putting your host on the spot.
    sneak just a tiny bit of some fancy shower gel and body lotion... my Lord, your host couldn't possibly miss a little bit!
    use only the bathroom stuff you brought and of course the proffered towel.
  • 7
    Your friend offers you the use of the computer to check your e-mail. You are so accustomed to checking your favorite websites that you do and finally end up watching videos on YouTube, Albino Sheep, etc. Since you are greatly amused by them you call your host over to share the fun.
    You show a select few of your favorite ones and have a good laugh before abandoning the computer for other fun.
    You show a few videos and have a good laugh before returning to your web-surfing.
    You show all of your favorite videos, one after another, over and over, completely unaware that you've been at it for a very, very long time.
  • 8
    Ooopsie... just realized you've been online for a while. Oh well, your host did offer. You figure you probably should IM a couple close friends since this is usually the time you "talk" to them. But then you realize that your host doesn't even HAVE AIM on her computer. So you decide to...
    give it up for the night. After all, you've really been on the computer too long and didn't really ask about other programs.
    send emails to your buddies instead - not sure if your host would want AIM. But, there's still time to surf a bit more, right?
    go ahead and download AIM. You are totally doing your host a favor since everyone has AIM and it's so much fun!
  • 9
    As things are winding down your friend points out his small collection of guitars. They are proudly displayed on the wall of the guest bedroom and it's obvious how much they mean to your host. Before he has a chance to say much more about them you decide to...
    admire the instruments and then ask if you can take one down, explaining you actually play guitar.
    take one down and impress your host with your amazing skills... bet they didn't know you've played for years!
    wait for your host to leave the room and then carefully take a guitar down to see it up close - hey, you know how to handle an instrument!
  • 10
    Yikes, it's 2am and you just can't sleep... too much excitement maybe?:) But luckily, your friend has a great collection of books. Come to think of it, there's also that kitchen filled with snacks just beckoning you over. After a moment you decide to...
    You grab a snack and a drink and several books. In fact, you notice a crazy-long novel you've been dying to read and decide to borrow it for a while... your friend won't notice with all these books!
    take a book off the shelf and settle for a glass of water. You don't want to risk messing up the book.
    You take a couple books and grab a snack and a drink. Of course your host won't mind. You'll be careful!
  • 11
    It's a beautiful morning and time to get dressed, but you somehow forgot to bring an extra layer to go under your top. Thankfully your friend is close in size and sure to have something. But right now she is getting dressed. You guys are in a hurry to take off so you decide to...
    wait for your friend to finish and then ask if you can borrow something.
    knock on the bathroom door and ask if you can borrow a top.
    go in your friend's room and find a top. You know she won't mind and you guys are in a rush!
  • 12
    You had a great night's sleep and now are both getting ready for an outing together. Your host looks back into the house before leaving and...
    looks rather annoyed... well you have to admit it does kind of look like a tornado came through...
    smiles broadly when she notices that you can't even tell a guest is staying over it's so clean!: )
    looks a bit annoyed - well, you did forget to put some things away but it's not really messy.
  • 13
    It's been a nice long weekend; you both got to hang out and have a lot of fun. The visit is wrapping up on what happens to be laundry day for your host. While of course he doesn't ask you to play clean-my-house, you...
    decide it's best to let him get his stuff done and take a book outside to read on the hammock in the yard.
    figure it's best to keep out of the way, but are more than willing to help out if your friend asks you to.
    of course offer to help out somehow... hey, you can at least carry a basket downstairs or fold stuff!
  • 14
    Wow, it's been SO much fun hanging out with your friend! And what's even better is that it's your vacation and so you can totally extend your stay for a couple weeks instead of just the original long weekend. True, your friend still has work and stuff, but you don't need to be entertained by her when she has so much cool stuff around the house to "play" with! So, you decide to...
    leave as originally planned as you don't want to put your friend on the spot. She might have other things going on after all. But you do mention you'll be around in case she is available to hang.
    tell your friend you are going to stay at least another week, maybe longer! You know how much she misses you so this will be awesome to have extra time to visit!
    ask if it's cool to maybe stay a few more are having such a good time and would like to hang out a bit more.
  • 15
    After such a great visit, you can't wait to see your friend again. Wow, it's so great knowing such cool people! So you...
    find a cute e-card online and quickly dash off a note of thanks.
    actually drag out pen and paper (remember those?) and write out a thoughtful note thanking your friend for a great time.
    make a mental note that whenever you see your friend again you totally will have to tell her the visit rocked!

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