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Okay now if, like me, you're addicted to this great trilogy and have seen the movies a dozen times, you'll surely be able to answer those questions (mainly quotes-related) See if you know as much as I do! ;)

  • 1
    Who shouts: "Aye! Avast!" and is then laughed at?
    Will Turner
    Elizabeth Swann
    Captain Jack Sparrow
  • 2
    What's the name of the cursed pirate who says: "You know nothing of hell" to Jack in "The Curse of the Black Pearl"?
    We aren't told, are we?
  • 3
    Who says: "The cat's out of the bag"?
    Lord Beckett
    Davy Jones
  • 4
    Tia Dalma's line:)
    Complete: "See it was a woman ......." (read carefully)
    as changing, harsh, and untamable as the sea.
    None of these
    a woman as changing, and harsh, as untamable as the sea.
    changing, and harsh, and untamable as the sea.
    as changing, and harsh, and untamable as the sea.
  • 5
    Which one of these Cotton's parrot does not say in all 3 movies?
    He says all of them
    Dead men tell no tales
    Shiver me timbers!
    Walk the plank!
    Hard to starboard!
  • 6
    Who is Jack talking about when he says: "Nigh inseparable, we are"?
    The Black Pearl and himself
    His hat and himself
    Will and himself
    Elizabeth and himself
    Tia Dalma and himself
  • 7
    What is the name of Jack's father?
    None of these
    We don't know...
  • 8
    Complete these character's names:
    .... Bill Turner
    .... James Norrington (in the 3rd movie!)
    Lord .... Beckett
  • 9
    Is it true that James Norrington chased Jack and the crew of the Black Pearl through the Mediterranean Sea before resigning (poor sweetie)?
    How are we supposed to know?
    It's called Pirates of the CARIBBEAN!
    That's not very likely
  • 10
    Help to answer the previous question: remember, Rumpot-Norrington mentions something about Tripoli to Mr Gibbs, in Tortuga...
    Yes, but that does not mean they went so far from the Caribbean Sea.
    Yes. So he DID chased them through the Med!
    So WHAT?
    It doesn't really help...
    That's not true, he never said such a thing.
  • 11
    What does Jack use for "seasoning" himself in front of the Pelegostos?
    How do we know?
    Cocoa powder
  • 12
    Finally, a really easy one: where will Jack's "unique" compass lead you to?
    To what you desire most
    To the Flying Dutchman
    To Isla Cruces
    To Isla de Muerta
    To Davy Jones's heart

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