Harry Potter Quotes Quiz; Who Said it and in Which Book?

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  • 1
    "I played like a sack of dragon dung."
    Ron - Half-Blood Prince
    Harry - Prisoner of Azkaban
    Ron - Order of the Phoenix
  • 2
    "I have been crystal gazing, Headmaster. And to my astonishment, I saw myself abandoning my solitary luncheon and coming down to join you..."
    Professor Trelawney - Prisoner of Azkaban
    Professor Trelawney- Half- Blood Prince
    Professor Trelawney - Goblet of Fire
  • 3
    "And we've got to do our detentions tomorrow night, Snape's dungeon."
    Ron - Goblet of Fire
    Harry - Prisoner of Azkaban
    Fred - Order of the Phoenix
  • 4
    "No, he's not there anymore. He died about a year after they brought him in."
    Sirius - Goblet of Fire
    Mr. Weasley - Chamber of Secrets
    Dumbledore - Prisoner of Azkaban
  • 5
    "The Bloody Baron's the only one who can control him..."
    Percy - Sorcerer's Stone
    Nearly Headless Nick - Sorcerer's Stone
    Bill - Order of the Phoenix
  • 6
    "Can you do that talking Patronus thing, then?"
    Hermione - Half-Blood Prince
    Ron - Deathly Hallows
    Hagrid - Order of the Phoenix
  • 7
    "You keep your mouth closed while you're eating!"
    Mrs. Weasley - Goblet of Fire
    Mrs. Weasley - Chamber of Secrets
    Mrs. Weasley - Prisoner of Azkaban
  • 8
    "They were Aurors, you know, and very well respected within the Wizarding Community."
    Neville - Goblet of Fire
    Mrs. Longbottom - Order of the Phoenix
    Neville- Order of the Phoenix
  • 9
    "Cockroach Cluster? I was only joking."
    Hagrid - Half-Blood Prince
    Harry - Goblet of Fire
    Ron - Deathly Hallows
  • 10
    "Could I have it again ... more slowly?"
    Fred and George - Order of the Phoenix
    Harry - Goblet of Fire
    Ron - Goblet of Fire
  • 11
    "Who's forest is it now, human?"
    None of the above
    Unknown - Order of the Phoenix
    Bane - Order of the Phoenix
  • 12
    "Really, gives a feeling for the scope and tragedy of the thing, doesn't it?"
    None of the above
    Hermione - Sorcerer's Stone
    Ron - Deathly Hallows
  • 13
    "What's Basketball?"
    Oliver Wood - Sorcerer's Stone
    Lee Jordan - Sorcerer's Stone
    Professor McGonagall - Sorcerer's Stone
  • 14
    "Hermione, the exams are ages away."
    Ron - Prisoner of Azkaban
    Ron - Sorcerer's Stone
    None of the above
  • 15
    "I'll wait outside then, Headmaster."
    Hagrid - Chamber of Secrets
    Lucius Malfoy - Sorcerer's Stone
    Snape - Half-Blood Prince
  • 16
    "And our Decoy Detonators are just walking off the shelves, look."
    George - Half- Blood Prince
    Fred - Order of the Phoenix
    Fred - Half-Blood Prince
  • 17
    "He had to work very hard to convince certain teachers that I'm trustworthy."
    Professor Lockhart - Chamber of Secrets
    Professor Lupin - Prisoner of Azkaban
    Horace Slughorn - Half- Blood Prince
  • 18
    "... his astonishment that an idiot like that ever became a professor."
    Sirius - Prisoner of Azkaban
    Lupin - Prisoner of Azkaban
    James - Prisoner of Azkaban
  • 19
    "You will be polishing the silver in the trophy room with Mr. Filch."
    Professor McGonagall - Chamber of Secrets
    Professor Umbridge - Order of the Phoenix
    Professor Snape - Sorcerer's Stone
  • 20
    "You two are so stupid!"
    Hermione - Goblet of Fire
    Mrs. Weasley - Order of the Phoenix
    Hermione - Sorcerer's Stone
  • 21
    "You have all used a Portkey before?"
    Mr. Weasley - Goblet of Fire
    Dumbledore - Order of the Phoenix
    Lupin - Goblet of Fire
  • 22
    "Oh, well - that would explain it."
    Gilderoy Lockhart - Order of the Phoenix
    Ron - Chamber of Secrets
    George - Order of the Phoenix
  • 23
    "Could do with some of those letters now, eh?"
    Aunt Petunia - Sorcerer's Stone
    Dudley - Chamber of Secrets
    Uncle Vernon - Sorcerer's Stone
  • 24
    "Ah, Mafalda! Travers sent you, did he?"
    Voldemort - Deathly Hallows
    Bellatrix Lenstrange - Order of the Phoenix
    Umbridge - Deathly Hallows
  • 25
    "But you said Slughorn had been planning to give that bottle to Dumbledore for Christmas!"
    Mrs. Weasley - Half-Blood Prince
    Ginny - Half-Blood Prince
    Hermione - Half - Blood Prince
  • 26
    "Snape! I taught him! I thought I knew him!"
    Voldemort - Half-Blood Prince
    Never occurred
    Professor Slughorn - Half-Blood Prince
  • 27
    "Stand back against the wall, Please; I think I found the place."
    Nymphadora Tonks - Goblet of Fire
    Moody - Goblet of Fire
    Dumbledore - Half-Blood Prince
  • 28
    "'S'up Figgy? What 'appened to staying undercover?"
    Hagrid - Chamber of Secrets
    Harry - Sorcerer's Stone
    Mudungus Fletcher - Order of the Phoenix
  • 29
    "Master always liked his little joke. Master was a nasty ungrateful swine ego broke his mother's heart."
    Kreacher - Deathly Hallows
    Kreacher - Order of the Phoenix
    Winky - Goblet of Fire
  • 30
    "Don't pretend, Runcorn. You tracked down the wizard who faked his family tree, didn't you?"
    Mr. Weasly - Deathly Hallows
    Kingsley Shaklebolt - Order of the Phoenix
    Mad-Eye Moody - Order of the Phoenix
  • 31
    "He's heading for the third floor!"
    Professor McGonagall - Half-Blood Prince
    Snape - Prisoner of Azkaban
    Harry - Sorcerer's Stone
  • 32
    "It's not that- it's that."
    Ron - Prisoner of Azkaban
    Ron - Chamber of Secrets
    Ginny - Chamber of Secrets
  • 33
    "It's a Revealer, I got it in Diagon Alley."
    Professor McGonagall - Prisoner of Azkaban
    Draco - Chamber of Secrets
    Hermione - Chamber of Secrets
  • 34
    "If I ever find out who threw this, I shall make sure that person is expelled."
    Professor Snape - Half-Blood Prince
    Professor Snape - Chamber of Secrets
    Professor Snape - Goblet of Fire
  • 35
    "Think it's funny, do you? You'd like it, would you, if I did it to you?"
    Mad-Eye Moody - Goblet of Fire
    Draco - Sorcerer's Stone
    Harry - Order of the Phoenix
  • 36
    "Ta, Rosmerta."
    Hagrid - Prisoner of Azkaban
    Cornelius Fudge - Prisoner of Azkaban
    Professor Flitwick - Prisoner of Azkaban
  • 37
    "How is it, Draco? Does it hurt much?"
    Pansy Parkinson - Prisoner of Azkaban
    Nacrissa Malfoy - Deathly Hallows
    Never mentioned

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