Does he/she like you?

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So you like him/her but do they like you? This mainly targets shyer people but its for anyone really.... Only 20 questions!

  • 1
    When you talk does he/she initiate the contact?
    Its about 50/50
    Yes almost always
    No, almost never.
    Only if there's a reason to talk to me
    We don't talk
  • 2
    How many times a day do you talk? (On a regular day)
    All the time
    Whenever we feel like it
    When we can - we don't have lessons together
    When we have to
    We don't talk
  • 3
    Have you ever caught him/her looking at you from across the room?
    No, never - he/shes too busy playing games
    Yes, once
    Yes, all the time
    He/She was looking at the clock
  • 4
    How much do you like him/her?
    I'm completely obsessed
    More than a crush not quite love
    A lot
    It's just a crush for the moment
    Quite a bit but I'm not obsessed
  • 5
    Does he/she know how you feel?
    Possibly, I'm always flirting
    My friends told him/her
    Yes, I told him/her
    No, I wouldn't dare tell him/her
    Yes, but it was quite a while ago
  • 6
    Does he/she try to spend time with you?
    We hang out after school everyday
    We don't talk
    Yes he/she always tries to make plans
    Yes, It's been mentioned
  • 7
    Does he/she treat you differently to other girls/guys?
    Nope its about the same
    Yes, he/shes meaner to me
    we don't talk
    Yes but only when we're alone
    Yes, he/shes much sweeter to me
  • 8
    Is he/she in your circle of friends?
    He/She hovers in and out of it
  • 9
    has he/she ever suggested you two meet outside school/work?
    We don't talk
    Yes, once
    He/she tries to
    Yes, all the time
  • 10
    What does your instinct tell you?
    He/She likes me
    He/She hates me
    I don't even talk to him/her, how could he/she like me?
    I don't know
  • 11
    When you two talk, whats it like?
    Again, WE DON'T TALK!
    Filled with a lot of awkward silences
    Awesomeness.... I get an awesome feeling in my tummy
    Completely comfortable like I'm talking to my best friend
    Great no awkward silences just deep conversation
  • 12
    How do you feel when you talk?
    Completely awesome
    Really bad
  • 13
    Do you want him/her to know how you feel?
    I've never spoken to him, he'll think I'm weird
    NO WAY!
    Of course!
    Yes but no but yes
  • 14
    What is his/her body language when you are around?
    He wants to run away
    I'm never around him/her
    Completely comfortable
    Fine, like talking to my best friend
    He/she's very fidgety.... its like he/she's really restless
  • 15
    Does he/she laugh a lot when they're with you?
    Not really
    Yeah, all the time
    Yeah occasionally but only if its something REALLY funny
    They've only laughed AT me
    Ive never done anything funny with them
  • 16
    Has he/she ever suggested you two go out on a date?
    Yes, it was so sweet
    He was joking
    Yep, though i thought he as joking but he soon enough corrected me he he
  • 17
    Has he/she ever said something to you that makes it obvious he/she likes you?
    Yes, it was adorable
    Yes.. more than once
    No, never
    Again, I think she/he was joking
  • 18
    Has he/she ever complimented you?
    Yes, a few times/Once
    Yes all the time
    He was joking
  • 19
    When he/she is with friends, how do they act towards you?
    We're in the same circle of friends so the same
    I don't see him/her with his/her friends
    Looks at me a lot
    I'm his only friend
    Meaner to me
  • 20
    Last question: If you kissed him/her, how would they react?
    Look at me weirdly
    Keep kissing me
    Keep kissing me but ignore me afterwards
    Pull away fast and run
    Nothing, They'd be too shocked