Harry Potter quiz

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So you think you know everything about that wonderful series of books and movies known as Harry Potter?

  • 1
    Hermione's patronus takes what form?
    your mother
    A dolphin
    An Otter
    A labrador retriever
    An Owl
  • 2
    Which day did Harry's Trace lift?
    August 31st
    August 19th
    July 30th
    August 20th
    July 31st
  • 3
    What does Ginny write on the Walls at Hogwarts just before she (almost) dies?
    Her skeleton will lie in the chamber forever
    The Basilisk has returned
    The dark Lord has returned, Enemies of the Heir, beware!
    Tom Marvolo Riddle (that magically turns into I Am Voldemort)
    The horror within the chamber is just the beginning
  • 4
    What prevents Hermione and Penelope Clearwater from seeing the basilisk full-on?
    A mirror
    A clever contraption that Hermione made
    The Grey Ghost
    A puddle of water
  • 5
    Who plays Professor Trelawney?
    The same person who plays Mrs. Dursley
    Eva Bruland
    Dame Maggie Smith
    Emma Thompson
    Bonnie Wright
  • 6
    In the end, What happens to Neville?
    He becomes a professor at Hogwarts
    He becomes Harry and Ginny's children's Godfather
    He becomes Head of magical Plants at the ministry of magic
    He marries Padma Patil
    He marries Luna
  • 7
    Who's wand conjures up the Dark Mark at the Quidditch World Cup?
    Mr. Crouch, Sr.'s
    Mr. Crouch, Jr.'s
  • 8
    Who wrote the obituary for Dumbledore in the Daily Prophet?
    Minerva McGonnagal
    Bathilda Bagshot
    Rita Skeeter
    Harry Potter
    Elphias Doge
  • 9
    In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone (the Book) Who Goes with Harry and Dudley to the Zoo?
    Hagrid (who is under the invisibility cloak)
    noone, just Mr. and Mrs. Dursley
    Mrs. Figg
    Piers Polkiss
  • 10
    What is Ron's owl (who was given to him by Sirius) named?
    Pigwideon (shortened to Pig)