Everlasting Evanna

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10 Questions - Developed by: "Don't worry...I can see them too." - Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - The quiz is developed on: - 1.418 taken

This may be one of the only tests about Evanna Lynch, but it is a good one.

  • 1
    What is Evanna's full name?
    Evanna Lynch
    Evanna Michelle Lynch
    Evanna Meghan Lynch
    Evanna Meghan Michelle Lynch
  • 2
    What country is she from?
  • 3
    When was she born?
    16 August 1991
    16 August 1990
    17 February 1990
    17 February 1991
  • 4
    What are her parents' names?
    Don and Dawn
    Arthur and Paige
    Michelle and Richard
    Donal and Marguerite
  • 5
    Where was she born?
    Oxford, England
    Rome, Italy
    Terminfeckin, Ireland
    London, England
  • 6
    What are her sisters' names?
    Luna and Emily
    Michelle and Meghan
    Emily and Patty
    Máiréad and Emily
  • 7
    How many girls did she beat for the role of Luna?
    nearly 15,000
    close to 50,000
    almost 100,000
  • 8
    What is Evanna's natural hair color?
    dirty blonde
    blonde of course!
    light brown
    dark brown
  • 9
    What did she name her cat and kitten?
    Hermione and Ginny
    Parvati and Padma
    Crookshanks and Cho
    Luna and Dumbledore
  • 10
    Who is she good friends with on the set?
    Bonnie Wright, Katie Leung and Afshan Azad
    Bonnie Wright, Emma Watson and Katie Leung
    Clémence Poésy and Bonnie Wright
    Emma Watson and Afshan Azad