Best Friend...or Boyfriend?

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Is one of your guy friends secretly (or not so secretly) crushing on you? Find out!

  • 1
    It's the first day of school, and you've worked hard on your outfit. He:
    jokingly says, "Looking good!" and compares schedules with you.
    greets you by punching your arm and starts a conversation.
    gets excited when he realizes you have classes together and looks at you quite a bit.
    says hi and goes to talk to other friends.
  • 2
    After school, it's time for club sign-ups, and he seems to be signing up for the same clubs as you. Your friends say:
    He told us that he liked the club, but only after you signed up.
    He's TOTALLY following you. Nice try being subtle, dude.
    He really loves that club. It's just a coincidence that you like it too.
    We're ALL joining that club! Our group of friends can be together!
  • 3
    It's your birthday! He surprises you buy:
    Leaving a box of candy on your desk with a sweet note and seeming shy...although your friends eat them all.
    Giving you a great big hug and a small gift, then pulling in for a kiss and yelling, "Psyche!"
    not even saying anything.
    giving you a card he made in art class. It looks like it was made in three minutes.
  • 4
    Time for the holidays! He:
    Gives everyone a card, but yours is bigger and he's written a long, thoughtful note inside it.
    parades around wearing a mistletoe headband and says to you, "Pucker up", then runs away laughing.
    shouts, "No School!" down the hallway and maybe grins at you once or twice.
    Passes out candy canes and cards to his closest friends, including you.
  • 5
    You ask your friends for their opinion on this. They say:
    Maybe, but I don't think he wants a relationship to ruin a friendship, you know?
    He's such a silly goofball. You guys would be cute together!
    I think he likes someone else, but it's possible, I guess.
    He's so quiet, and you're so bold. You'd make such a perfect couple!
  • 6
    The Snow Ball is coming up. He:
    doesn't ask anyone, but looks at you and blushes all day.
    suggests that you all go together as a group of friends.
    sits next to you at lunch, leans in close and holds your hand, and says, "Are you gonna eat that?"
    asks you to it through a TEXT message, and later you find out he'd texted all the girls at once.
  • 7
    What's your intuition telling you?
    He likes me...doesn't he?
    HE LIKES ME. At least, I hope he does.
    He's such a great friend. I don't know, maybe it could end up to something.
    What does intuition mean?
  • 8
    How often do you two talk?
    Quite a bit. Our conversations range from light and random to deep and serious.
    Only at school, when we're in class together.
    We talk on the phone sometimes, but maybe 60% of the time he's joking around, and another 10% is awkward silence.
    When our group of friends hangs out.
  • 9
    Do YOU like him?
    I never really thought about it. Maybe a little.
    He's cute, but we don't have much time together.
    Yeah, he's hot and I think about him a lot.
    So much, I've considered asking him out!
  • 10
    One last thought: his relationship status?
    I think he's saving himself for the right person. (aka: ME.)
    He's never had a girlfriend. He's got TONS of friends though, and girls like him.
    I think he has a girlfriend, wait, they broke up. Didn't they?
    He dates around, but nothing's gotten serious.

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